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Extreme Heat Causes Death of On-Duty Columbus Foundry Worker

July 26, 2011

July 26, 2011

A Bartholomew County coroner has determined that the Columbus, Indiana, man who died on Thursday, July 21, at his workplace died of a heart attack complicated by extreme heat.

The 50-year-old man from North Vernon, Indiana, collapsed at his workstation at CE Systems Inc., which makes iron castings for heavy equipment manufacturers. He had reportedly retreated to the a cool room earlier in the day to take a break from the heat, which reached the mid-90s that day.

The Bartholomew County Coroner’s Office found that the man was taking medication for hypertension and high cholesterol.

The Indiana Department of Labor is investigating the man’s death, which was not reported until Monday despite a requirement that all workplace deaths be reported within eight hours.

“We’ll take a look at everything from the workplace itself, where the employee was doing the work, what type of work the employee was doing,” said Department of Labor spokesperson Stephanie McFarland.

The man’s family told that they believe the death could have been prevented.

“They could have given him breaks,” said the man’s son. “They could have asked him to go home because of the heat. It gets about 180 degrees in there.”

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2 Dead, 2 Injured After Car Collides with Bus in Monroeville, IN

July 19, 2011

July 19, 2011

A Greenville, Ohio, couple died over the weekend when they ran a red light and pulled in front of a charter bus near Monroeville, Indiana, on Saturday, July 16.

The accident occurred around 10:20 p.m. when the male driver reportedly ran his SUV through a stop sign at Dawkins Road while he was traveling south on Indiana 101. The Journal Gazette reports that three witness have said that  the they saw the man speeding through the stop sign and striking the Star of America charter bus broadside. The bus held two passengers at the time.

The couple, both age 77 and both wearing seatbelts, died of blunt-force trauma.

The bus ended up in a cornfield. Its two passengers suffered minor injuries.

Cpl. Jeremy Tinkel of the Allen County Sheriff’s Department told The Journal Gazette that the car’s engine burst into flames after the accident.

These traffic fatalities were the 20th and 21st that Fort Wayne and Allen County have experienced this year.

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Do you think stop signs are far less effective than stop lights? Do you think stop lights are harder to see at night?

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Noblesville Woman Dies in Collision with Metal Pole

July 12, 2011

July 12, 2011

A 44-year-old Noblesville, Indiana, woman recently died when her car hit a metal pole in northern Hamilton County. Some say the accident may have been caused by a pothole on Strawtown Avenue at State Road 13. Police told WTHR that the two roads do not line up and that the roadway has a slight jog in it.

The accident occurred in the very early morning hours of June 27 when the woman crashed her white 1997 Ford Taurus into a metal pole and flipped her car. The woman, who delivered newspapers for The Herald Bulletin, was not wearing a seatbelt at the time and was pronounced dead at the scene. Police say they found no evidence that the brakes were applied prior to the crash.

One woman left the following comment under the Indianapolis Star’s article on the crash: “I feel the need to say that I live on this road and personally know that at that JOG in the road there is a very large pot hole, I hit it once and lost a tire, my car ran into the exact ditch where flipped, had it not been for the fence, who knows.”

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Do you think a pothole in the road could be at fault in this Indiana auto accident? If so, should the city be held liable for this woman’s death?

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Carmel Called the ‘American Roundabout Capital,’ Lauded for Traffic Safety

July 05, 2011

July 5, 2011

A new BBC story says America has taken a cue from Britain with its increasing fondness for roundabouts. The news agency has named Carmel, Indiana, the “American roundabout capital.”

Carmel now lays claim to 78 roundabouts, which were once locations that held traffic lights.

In the BBC’s interview, Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard, who plans to add four more roundabouts in coming months, explains why he’s spearheaded the addition of so many roundabouts.

“We have more than any other city in the US,” said Brainard. “It’s a trend now in the United States. There are more and more roundabouts being built every day because of the expense saved and more importantly the safety.”

Brainard references a study done by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety that states that there’s an average 40 percent decrease in all accidents and a 90 percent decrease in fatal accidents when a traffic intersection is replaced by a roundabout.

The mayor also points toward environmental and financial bonuses, both for the city and for drivers.

“Not just the cars that aren’t idling at traffic lights, but starting from a dead stop takes up more fuel also, so we are saving thousands of gallons of fuel per roundabout per year,” said Brainard.

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Do you think the surplus of roundabouts in Carmel has reduced the number of auto accidents? Do you feel safer negotiating a roundabout rather than a traffic light?

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