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Two INDOT Workers Injured in Indianapolis Truck Accident

November 28, 2012

Nov. 28, 2012

Two Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) workers and the driver of a tractor-trailer were seriously injured after a Indianapolis Truck Accident this morning. The Indianapolis Star reported that the crash happened at around 2:30 a.m. at the Brookeville Road and I-74 interchanges on I-465.

A spokesman for the Indiana State Police, Sgt. Richard W Meyers, stated that the 40-year-old driver of a 2004 International tractor-trailer driving in a closed lane of traffic and failed to move over for a crew performing construction along the road. The tractor-trailer collided with the rear of a dump truck which then hit a trailer hauled by a pickup truck. The rig then continued southbound until it hit another trailer hauling lighting equipment.

Two INDOT workers, 53- and 58-years-old respectively, who were inside the pickup trucks that were hit were taken to a local hospital after complaining of back pain, while the truck driver was transported to the hospital for treatment for a leg injury.

Troopers are continuing to look into what factors may have played a part in causing the accident.

The Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyers with Stewart & Stewart Attorneys understand that tractor-trailers must abide by a specific set of safety rules and policies failure to do so can be considered negligence. That is why the firm would urge anyone who has been hurt in a crash with a tractor-trailer to discuss any questions you may have about your case with an attorney immediately.


Indiana Supreme Court Sets Precedent with Medical Malpractice Decision

November 21, 2012

A recent ruling from the Indiana Supreme Court found that representatives for the Indiana Patient’s Compensation Fund (IPCF) do not have a right to argue the cause or existence of an injury in a case where liability has already been established.

The decision stems from the case of a 4-year-old boy from Indianapolis who suffers from cerebral palsy following a botched delivery. The Claims Journal reported that doctors were negligent in failing to properly monitor the child’s condition as the labor process began. They also failed to recognize signs that the child was in distress, which prevented him from receiving the care he needed for more than two hours.

The Indianapolis Medical Malpractice lawsuit that followed the incident resulted in a settlement holding doctors responsible for his condition. The IPCF appealed the decision on the grounds that they have a right to argue the cause of injury. The court acknowledged this as true, but only in cases where fault had not yet been established. In this case, doctors had already admitted fault when agreeing to the settlement.

The Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyers with Stewart & Stewart Attorneys understand how confusing and complex filing a medical malpractice claim can be. That is why the firm is here to answer any questions you may have regarding your legal rights if you have been harmed while under the care of a physician.


Natural Gas Explosion Rocks Indianapolis Neighborhood

November 14, 2012

Nov. 14, 2012

Two people were killed and seven others were seriously injured as the result of a massive natural gas explosion in an Indianapolis neighborhood this past weekend. According to MSNBC News, the explosion occurred Saturday afternoon in the neighborhood of Richmond Hills, just outside Indianapolis.

Two bodies were pulled from one of the two homes leveled by the explosion that experts believe may have been ignited by a faulty appliance. Another seven people in the neighborhood suffered an Indianapolis Burn Injury as a result of the ensuing fires sparked by the blast. Additionally, dozens of homes were destroyed as a result of the explosions.

The tragedy is a bleak reminder of how dangerous faulty natural gas systems can be. In 2011, five people were killed by a natural gas explosion in Allentown, Pennsylvania. A year prior to that blast, eight people died and 38 homes were destroyed when a natural gas line ruptured in San Bruno, California.

The Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyers with Stewart and Stewart Injury Lawyers say there are several ways that you can protect your family from the dangers of a natural gas explosion. One of the best ways is to have a Carbon Monoxide detector installed in your home. It is also important to have a home’s heating system and gas lines inspected by a professional every year.


Faulty Tire Causes Indianapolis Truck Accident

November 07, 2012

Nov. 7, 2012

An accident yesterday evening between a dump truck and an SUV seriously injured. According to a story published by the Indianapolis Star, a faulty tire on one of the vehicles involved may be to blame for the crash.

Reports show that at around 6 p.m. on Tuesday evening, a dump truck driver was traveling along Massachusetts Avenue, on the northeast side of Indianapolis, when the front left tire of the truck blew out. The blowout caused the truck’s driver to lose control of the vehicle and crash into a Ford SUV.

It took rescue crews roughly half an hour to extricate the dump truck driver from the wreckage of the Indianapolis Truck Accident. Upon being freed, he was rushed to a local hospital after complaining of neck and hip pain. The driver of the SUV was uninjured in the crash.

It is important to check the tread of a vehicle’s tires often to ensure the tread is adequate, as worn tires can lead to tire blowouts. It also helps to check the make and model of your tires for recalls, considering thousands of accidents have been attributed to faulty or recalled tires.

The Indiana Personal Injury Lawyers with Stewart and Stewart Injury Lawyers suggest that anyone who has been involved in a motor vehicle collision caused by a faulty tire to contact an experienced attorney immediately to discuss your legal options.