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The Biggest Mistake Injured Indiana Workers Make

May 31, 2017

Workers’ comp can be a financial lifeline for an injured worker and their family…when it works. The key is getting all the compensation you need to fully recover. That includes current and future medical expenses, lost wages, and even pain and suffering depending upon the circumstances. Unfortunately, getting fair compensation for your injury can be difficult on your own.

First of all, you probably don’t know at this point how much this accident is going to end up costing you. So how can you be expected to know whether or not the insurance company’s offer is enough? Secondly, you have your future at your company to consider. If you don’t know your rights as an Indiana worker, you may mistakenly take less than you deserve or go back to work before you’ve fully recovered just to keep your employer happy. In our experience, that can be devastating for a family, which is why you should give us a call before you sign anything from the insurance company.

Our experienced Indiana workers’ compensation attorneys know your rights and will do everything within our power to make sure you get maximum compensation for your injuries. The worst thing you can do for your family is take less than you’re going to need to fully recover. Don’t make that mistake. Call us instead for your free, no-obligation consultation. You’ll be glad you did.


SSD Benefits May Be Closer Than You Think

May 25, 2017

Imagine you’re in a boat out in the middle of the ocean. The boat is taking on water, and you have nothing to plug the hole. That’s what thousands of disabled Americans feel like when their Social Security Disability application is denied. They’re in a desperate situation. They can’t work, which means they can’t support themselves. They turned to the government for help, but that door was shut in their face with a denial letter. So who can they turn to for help?

They can turn to us.

At Stewart & Stewart, we know the odds of getting approved with your initial Social Security Disability applications aren’t great. In fact, only about one out of every three applicants are approved right away. That’s thousands of folks just like you who have no idea how they’ll make ends meet. Thankfully, you can appeal with the help of an experienced Indiana Social Security Disability attorney on your side.

If you’ve been denied Social Security Disability benefits, the help you need is available right now. Contact our Indiana Social Security Disability lawyers today for a free consultation. Let us review your application for free to determine your best next steps. You may be closer to the benefits you deserve than you think. Contact us today.


Car Accident? You Have a Legal Advocate in Indiana

May 17, 2017

Car accidents are scary. Plain and simple. If you’ve ever been in one, you know that firsthand. If you’ve only driven by them, you know that sinking feeling you get when you see the flashing lights of emergency services doing their best to get the injured out of harm’s way. We get that feeling in our gut because we know that any of us could be in a serious car accident every time we get behind the wheel. No one is immune. The good news for accident victims in Indiana is they have a legal advocate ready to help.

At Stewart & Stewart, we’ve been helping the injured people of Indiana for decades. We know how to maximize your injury claim, and we’ll work to do so as quickly as possible so you can move on with your life. That includes compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and more. After a serious accident, you need to concentrate on getting better, not fighting with the insurance company. Let us deal with the insurance company on your behalf.

Contact us today for your free, no obligation consultation. We’ll review your case for free and give you the information you need to take your next steps with confidence. We can’t imagine the nightmare you’ve been through already, but we can help you escape it. Call today and we’ll get started on your case immediately.


Your Top Priorities After a Truck Accident

May 10, 2017

A big truck accident is one of the most terrifying things you can go through on the road. 18-wheelers can weigh up to 80,000 lbs. and can crush a car in an instant. Given the power and force behind these rigs, surviving a big truck accident is remarkable in itself. Far too many haven’t been so fortunate over the years.

Although your recovery is your top priority, the financial implications of your accident should be a close second. Your recovery could cost you tens of thousands of dollars, and you can’t expect the at-fault driver’s insurance company to cover all the costs.

In our experience, truck accident injury claims are some of the most complicated types of personal injury law. In a car accident, you only have the at-fault driver’s insurance company to deal with. In a truck accident, you have the truck driver, the trucking company, their insurance companies, and teams of lawyers all trying to pay you as little as possible for your injury claim. Do you really think you can take them on by yourself?

If you’ve been injured in a big truck accident, give us a call today for a free, no-obligation consultation. Our experienced Indiana truck accident attorneys are ready to fight to get you maximum compensation for your injuries. Contact us today.


The Rights of Indiana Nursing Home Residents

May 03, 2017

Indiana has some great nursing home facilities. Unfortunately, it only takes one disgruntled or careless employee to cause significant harm to residents. If you feel like your aging loved one has been the victim of nursing home neglect or abuse, the first thing you should do is ensure the safety of your loved one. The second thing you should do is call a lawyer.

Nursing home residents have rights. When those rights are compromised, even once, the results could be significant and severe. In fact, to protect nursing home residents in Indiana, the government passed the Nursing Home Resident’s Bill of Rights. You can check out the full list on our website, but here are some of the highlights.

  • The right to be informed of nursing home policies and procedures
  • The right to choose their own physician and pharmacy
  • The right to participate in the planning of their medical treatment
  • The right to manage their own funds
  • The right to visitation
  • The right to confidentiality

At Stewart & Stewart, we’ve been fighting for the rights of nursing home residents for years, and if your loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, we want to help. Contact our experienced Indiana nursing home abuse attorneys today for a free consultation.