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What Should I Do If I Get Into a Truck Accident in Indiana?

October 31, 2019

In the United States, accidents involving commercial vehicles typically cause more damage and injury than a routine car accident. Because of the many risks associated with large trucks on the road, Indiana traffic law takes truck accidents very seriously. If you are involved in a truck accident in Indiana, you should take the following steps.

Call the Police

Regardless of the extent of damage or injuries, you should call the police. They can file an official report holding responsible parties accountable. This report is an important aspect of a personal injury claim.

Request an Ambulance If There Are Injuries

The law requires that non-injured parties in a vehicle accident immediately tend to the care of injured parties. If someone has been injured, make sure to request an ambulance while on the phone with 911.

If possible, move those who are injured from the scene to a safe place. However, if it appears that the injured party has suffered a head or spine injury, do not attempt to move them. Once the emergency response team arrives, they will handle the patient in a way that will not further aggravate the injuries.

Collect Names and Contact Info from Involved Parties

If you are able, get names and contact information from all who witnessed the accident. Should you file a personal injury claim, your attorney will need to speak with them.

Make sure to note if anyone noticed any unusual behavior in the other drivers involved. Anyone exhibiting signs of sleep deprivation or drunkenness should be reported to the responding police officers at the scene.

Collect Insurance, Driver’s License Info, and UDOT Numbers from the Involved Parties

In order for you and the other drivers to receive compensation for damages or injuries caused by the accident, you will need one another’s information. This includes information proving that the drivers involved have a valid driver’s license and insurance coverage for the state of Indiana. If truck drivers were involved, make sure to get their UDOT numbers.

Take Pictures of the Scene

If you can, take photos of the scene of the accident. Focus on the damage to your car, as well as damage to property around the scene where the accident took place. Additionally, take pictures of license plate numbers. Make sure to also take pictures of any injuries once the injured parties have been tended to.

Contact Your Insurance Company

As soon as you are able, contact your car insurance provider to file a claim. In the days following the accident, you may be contacted by insurance adjusters from the other drivers’ insurance companies. Decline to speak with them. Simply deal directly with your insurance company and your attorney.

Talk to a Truck Accident Attorney

The aftermath of an accident involving a commercial truck can be complex. Because several companies may be liable for the accident, they will all try to make the case that the other drivers (namely you) were at fault for the accident. Therefore, you should talk to a truck accident attorney right away. They will be able to advise you on your next steps.

Additionally, if you or someone you love was injured in an accident, you may be eligible for compensation. These damages include medical expenses, cost of ongoing treatment, damage to property, and even emotional losses sustained as a result of the accident.

For more information about how an Indiana attorney can help you with your truck accident case, contact Stewart & Stewart Attorneys at 800-333-3529 or visit our website.


5 Tips for Avoiding Truck Accidents on the Roads

January 10, 2019

Any type of accident can be traumatizing, but accidents involving large trucks are often much worse and lead to more serious injuries and even death. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid trucks on the road, especially while on the highway or interstate, and at certain time, you may even be outnumbered by them.

Tips on avoiding accidents with big trucksTrucks are tested constantly and their drivers are trained thoroughly to prevent accidents from happening. But, just as car drivers can attest to, driving conditions can force even the most experienced driver to get into an unintended accident. To help avoid these accidents, it’s important to understand what causes them and what you can do to avoid getting into a truck accident.

Keep Your Distance

Trailing too closely behind any car is dangerous, but for trucks, if you get too close to them they may not be able to see you, which can cause serious accident. The blind spot on a truck is much larger than on a car and they may miss you if you get to close behind them or even too close next to them. To be safe, keep a healthy distance and avoid tailgating or getting too close even when getting off or on at an exit.

Pay Attention

Truck drivers are skilled at what they do, but they are also working long hours and may be tired or not paying full attention to the road. There is nothing you can do about this besides pay attention yourself. If you see a truck start to swerve or veer off the road a bit, try to get away from it as much as you can. Often, a heavy load is the only reason for the swaying, but it could also mean a driver has fallen asleep. Get to the farthest lane and slow down or speed up as safely as you can to avoid a potential crash.

Don’t Cut Them Off

It can be frustrating to get stuck behind a truck on the highway as they tend to go much slower than the average car. When a car is driving slowly, our first reaction is to switch lanes and try to get back in front of them. Avoid doing this with a truck. Truck drivers usually abide by the rules of staying out of the fast lane, so if they are in that lane, they are likely to move out of it when they are able to. Remain patient and avoid cutting them off—their ability to slow down and maneuver out of your way is much less than yours and if you do cut them off, you could be dealing with a major rear-end accident or worse.

Don’t Pass on the Right-Hand Side

This tip is a bit more specific, but it’s been proven that many truck accidents occur because a driver passed on the right-hand side, a side that is hard—and sometimes impossible—for a driver to see.

Don’t Drive Between Two Trucks

During busier commute times, you may be dealing with multiple trucks on the roadways. If you can, avoid being put in a position where you will be sandwiched between two semi-trucks. This creates a dangerous place for a car as you are essentially boxed in and unable to move out of the way should an accident occur near you or a truck swerves into your lane.

If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, you are likely looking at a long road to recovery and substantial damages. Because of this, it’s important to get an experienced truck accident attorney on your side to help you fight the truck company’s insurance company and get you the compensation you deserve. To learn more about how Stewart & Stewart Attorney’s can help you, 1-800-33-33-LAW or visit our website today.


Who is At Fault in a Truck Accident?

October 08, 2018

Any type of accident is scary, but when it involves an 18-wheeler truck, it can become a lot more difficult. Unfortunately, with their long hours and heavy loads, truck accidents are extremely common, making it easy to blame the trucker when it comes to fault. But truckers are also very experienced drivers, so it is not always their fault when it comes to an accident. In fact, many people fail to practice safe driving near a truck, whether they speed up, cut them off or try to avoid them. This creates many accidents where the truck driver is not at fault.

But, when an accident is the truck drivers fault, it isn’t as black-and-white as an accident with a fellow car. Truckers are often backed by big trucking companies and are usually not the owner of the truck they are driving. Once an accident occurs, it’s this entire team of people that you will have to prove fault against, and that can get tricky.

Trucks must abide by certain federal laws, and when these laws are broken, it can be a bit easier to prove fault. But once it is proven that the truck was at fault for the accident, who is to blame? Is the truck driver at fault or the owner of the truck? What about the company that was using the truck at the time, or the manufacturer of the truck? Usually, this is when an attorney will step in on both sides to ensure that the blame is placed correctly.

Recently, federal laws have prevented companies from placing blame on the driver alone. In fact, these laws state that any company who has a trucking permit is responsible for any accidents involving their trucks. This may be good news for the victim of the accident, but it can still be tricky to deal with a large corporation’s procedures and insurance.

Besides the difficulty with proving fault and dealing with many different players, truck accidents are frightening because they often involve more injuries and worse outcomes for the victim. When a truck hits a car, the force can overpower a driver and the car can easily be crushed. The injuries and damages to the car and person are usually extensive and require hospital stays, time off work and more.

If you have been involved in a truck accident and sustained injuries, you should be compensated correctly, especially if those injuries caused you to miss work and undergo surgeries or treatments. The attorneys at Stewart & Stewart have successfully handled many truck accident claims and would be happy to take on your case. Give us a call at 1-800-33-33-LAW or visit our website for more information.


Multiple Parties at Fault in Truck Accident Cases

August 09, 2017

While the fault for a car crash often falls on a single driver, the blame for truck accidents can be shared among multiple parties. If you were recently injured in a truck crash, you may find it difficult to begin the process of getting compensation for your accident—especially if you don’t know which party is to blame.

At Stewart & Stewart, our Indiana truck accident attorneys investigate all the facts of your truck accident to determine who was at fault and how much they contributed to the accident. In many truck accidents, three separate parties may be held accountable:

  • The truck driver – Truck drivers are required and expected to obey all traffic laws. But when they speed, drive while intoxicated or impaired, or follow too closely behind other vehicles, they can cause deadly crashes.
  • The trucking company – Trucking companies sometimes prioritize profits over safety. When they do, they may overload trucks, fail to train drivers, or force drivers to work for extended periods of time without proper rest.
  • The truck owner – Third parties own many semi trucks and tractor trailers, and it’s their responsibility to make sure their vehicles are well-maintained and safe for driving—especially on long-distance and cross-country trips.

Because truck accidents are legally complex and trucking companies are often represented by big insurance companies, it’s important to have an attorney on your side that won’t back down from a challenge.

At Stewart & Stewart, we’ve fought for our clients’ rights for years, and we’re ready to do the same for you. Fill out a free consultation form to get started today.


Indiana Truck Accident Investigators Working for You

June 21, 2017

Truck drivers have one of the toughest and most important jobs in America. Through tireless hours and unrelenting concentration, they get vital resources to folks across our country. At Stewart & Stewart, we have a great amount of respect for their contributions to our society. What we can’t respect is trucking companies who put these drivers in compromising situations all in the name of profits.

A fatigued driver in a regular automobile can be just as dangerous as an intoxicated driver. Add 80,000 lbs. to that equation (what many tractor-trailers weigh), and you get a recipe for disaster. Our experienced Indiana truck accident attorneys investigate truck accidents to determine who was at fault and why. We do so to ensure our clients get treated fairly in the injury claim process and get maximum compensation for their injuries.

If you’ve been injured in a big truck accident, you need a law firm on your side that won’t stop until we get the answers you deserve. Call us today for a free consultation. We’ll review your case at no cost or obligation and work to hold those accountable responsible for what you’ve been through. The big trucking companies have teams of lawyers looking out for their best interests. Shouldn’t you have an experienced Indiana truck accident attorney looking out for yours? Contact us today.


Your Top Priorities After a Truck Accident

May 10, 2017

A big truck accident is one of the most terrifying things you can go through on the road. 18-wheelers can weigh up to 80,000 lbs. and can crush a car in an instant. Given the power and force behind these rigs, surviving a big truck accident is remarkable in itself. Far too many haven’t been so fortunate over the years.

Although your recovery is your top priority, the financial implications of your accident should be a close second. Your recovery could cost you tens of thousands of dollars, and you can’t expect the at-fault driver’s insurance company to cover all the costs.

In our experience, truck accident injury claims are some of the most complicated types of personal injury law. In a car accident, you only have the at-fault driver’s insurance company to deal with. In a truck accident, you have the truck driver, the trucking company, their insurance companies, and teams of lawyers all trying to pay you as little as possible for your injury claim. Do you really think you can take them on by yourself?

If you’ve been injured in a big truck accident, give us a call today for a free, no-obligation consultation. Our experienced Indiana truck accident attorneys are ready to fight to get you maximum compensation for your injuries. Contact us today.


Overworked Indiana Truck Drivers Can Lead to Tragedy

March 22, 2017

Tractor-trailers keep our country moving. The amount of goods and materials they transport every year boggles the mind and is a reminder of just how vital the trucking industry is to our society. If big trucks stopped their march across the country, our lives would be much different. At Stewart & Stewart, we appreciate the contributions that truck drivers make to our society, and we recognize that their job requires skill, precision, and focus. However, when trucking companies expect too much from their drivers, the results can be tragic.

Tractor-trailers can weigh up to 80,000 lbs. and haul everything from boxed cereal to explosive fuel. In contrast, the average car weighs less than 4,000 lbs. Controlling that much weight at speeds up to 65-70 mph takes extreme focus and resilience. There are no second chances when it comes to big truck driving, because a simple mistake can end a life in an instant. That’s why unreasonable schedules and deadlines for truck drivers often lead to devastating results.

At Stewart & Stewart, we hold big trucking companies accountable for the damage their fatigued or overworked drivers cause. We fight for the accident victims who, from no fault of their own, suffered horrendous injuries due to a truck driver’s negligence, and if you’ve been injured, we’re ready to fight for you as well. Call us today for a free, no obligation consultation. You may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Contact us today. We’re ready to put more than 30 years of experience to work for you.


Trucking Accident Legal Help in Indiana

September 07, 2016

At Stewart & Stewart, we have a deep respect for truck drivers, as they make life as we know it possible in communities throughout the U.S. Without truckers, we wouldn’t have the commodities such as groceries, fuel, or clothing. That responsibility comes with a lot of pressure, especially for the trucking companies. They need to run their routes on time and often to keep the system going, sometimes at the expense of their drivers.

When truck drivers are required to drive fatigued or without proper recovery time, the results can be devastating. Many tractor-trailer loads weigh upwards of 80,000 lbs. The amount of force behind that type of load can completely demolish a car in a split second. It only takes one lapse of concentration and/or judgment to forever change the lives of a driver, a family, or an entire community. That’s why it’s vitally important that every truck accident victim stand up to the trucking companies to get justice for themselves, as well as help ensure someone else doesn’t suffer the same fate.

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, give us a call today at Stewart & Stewart for a free consultation. We’ll hold the trucking company responsible for your injuries accountable by fighting to get you maximum compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Don’t wait to get legal help. Call us today.


Distracted Driving Statistics

July 27, 2016

There are rules everyone must follow on the road in order to ensure the safety of all drivers. Never cross a double line, yield to pedestrians, and signal before a turn are just a few of the rules every driver is taught. In recent years, new laws have been passed to combat distracted driving, such as the Indiana law banning cell phone use for people under 18. Adhering to these new laws is just as important as stopping at a stop sign or leaving adequate between you and the driver in front of you.

Distracted driving has become one of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents in the country. According to, in 2014 alone, more than 430,000 people were injured and 3,100 were killed in accidents caused by distracted driving. Not scary enough? Here are a few more statistics to consider:

  • 10% of all drivers 15 to 19-years-old who were in a fatal accident were distracted immediately preceding the accident.
  • At any given moment, 660,000 Americans are using their cell phones while driving.
  • Five seconds is the average time your eyes are off the road when texting, which is the equivalent of driving the length of a football field blindfolded.

At Stewart & Stewart, we see every day the amount of destruction distracted driving can unleash on a community. That’s why we hold distracted drivers who cause serious car and truck accidents accountable for their negligence. If you’ve been injured, call our Indiana car accident attorneys today for a free consultation.


Indianapolis Truck Accident Lawyers Urge Motorists to Move Over

December 16, 2015

Working on the highway can be a dangerous task, considering hundreds of employees are killed and even more are injured as the result of transportation accidents that occur while on the job. The Indianapolis truck accident lawyers at Stewart & Stewart Attorneys point out the latest of those victims is a 58-year-old worker with the Henry County Highway Department who was killed after he was struck by a tractor-trailer last month.

The fatal crash happened on November 20, in the southbound lanes of Indiana 3, just north of New Castle. Reports from The Star Press indicate the victim was riding a backhoe along the roadway as part of his job duties when a big rig being driven by a 58-year-old Lafayette man struck the piece of equipment from behind.

The victim was transported to a local hospital, where he was diagnosed with a fractured skull. He passed away as a result of his injuries almost a month after the accident occurred.

The truck driver who caused the crash was cited for speeding, but investigators say it’s unclear whether or not he will face charges in connection to the highway worker’s death.

This particular case underscores the importance of drivers being aware of their surroundings when traveling through areas where construction or roadwork is being conducted. In order to promote highway safety, the Indianapolis personal injury attorneys at Stewart & Stewart encourage motorists to move over a lane of traffic when approaching emergency vehicles and work crews. This allows your vehicle to pass through the area while giving workers enough room to safely do their job.