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Who Should You Talk to About Employment Law Issues?

Nov 22, 2017 | Wrongful Termination


Being involved in an employment law dispute or dilemma can be frustrating. You may feel like your career is in jeopardy. It’s common for people in those situations to want to reach out to others, including mentors, peers, friends, and co-workers. But it’s important to remember that employment law disputes are highly sensitive matters that can benefit from the assistance, planning, and experience of an Indiana wrongful termination lawyer.

At Stewart & Stewart, we know that workers who are caught in difficult situations with their employers face many pitfalls. Whether employees are taken advantage of in their wages and salaries, denied workers’ compensation benefits, retaliated against for filing a workers’ compensation claim, or wrongfully terminated, there are many common missteps that can invalidate claims against abusive and bullying employers.

Some of the most common missteps include talking to the wrong people. To protect yourself and your rights to compensation, limit your discussion about your employment law dispute to the following parties:

  • A trusted family member – You shouldn’t keep your emotions and anxieties bottled up. Talk to your spouse, partner, parent, or another loved one about what you’re going through, but make sure he or she knows that the information should remain strictly confidential.
  • An experienced attorney – Our workplace dispute attorneys take confidentiality seriously, and we know that information leaked to employers or their insurance companies can jeopardize claims.

You shouldn’t discuss your dispute with friends, co-workers, or on social media. Instead, contact our law firm, and let us start protecting your rights. Call today for a free consultation.

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