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When Should You Call a Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer in Indiana?

May 11, 2022 | Motorcycle Accident


Indiana is home to the Indianapolis Speedway, a major landmark that attracts visitors and locals alike. But most people hope that fast cars and dangerous behavior stay on the speedway and not the local roads and highways.

What happens if you find yourself in a motor vehicle accident with another driver in Indiana? Should you call an attorney or work through the case on your own?

Many drivers can resolve simple accidents on their own. But some accidents involve injuries and more complicated scenarios of figuring out who should pay for the ensuing financial damages.

Why You Should Talk to a Lawyer Quickly After a Motor Vehicle Accident

An accident can appear simple on the surface. You drive your vehicle away with some scrapes or dents that require a few hundred dollars worth of bodywork. But you have the other driver’s insurance information, so everything will work out fine, right?

But then your neck and back start to hurt or you feel dizzy while getting ready for bed that night. Either might be a sign of a head injury. Now, what seems like a simple car accident is not so simple. Hopefully, you haven’t opened the claim with the car insurance company yet or answered dreaded questions about how you’re feeling.

Even if you have, a lot can change in the first few days following an accident. That’s why you should make an effort to speak with a motor vehicle accident lawyer as soon as possible.

The attorney will explain what to expect when talking to the insurance company. They can also help you avoid common pitfalls that the insurance company can use to deny claims in case you need medical care.

Accident victims who never plan to file a lawsuit typically find a free consultation with an attorney enlightening and helpful in navigating the claim process.

What You Need to Know About Fault and Modified Comparative Negligence Rules

You should never admit fault for an accident, even if you think you might have caused the wreck. Doing so could prevent you from recovering damages from the accident from the other party. Allow an attorney and law enforcement to research to determine who or what caused the accident.

Indiana has a modified comparative negligence rule, which means that if you’re found partially at fault for the accident, your settlement will be reduced by that percentage, so long as you are not 51 percent or more responsible. If that’s the case, you won’t be able to recover damages from the other driver.

Damages an Attorney Can Help You Pursue

In Indiana, you can pursue both economic and non-economic damages. These include damages with a specific dollar amount, such as medical bills, missed work, and property damage. But they also permit you to pursue damages for other losses that are more challenging to put a value on, such as permanent disability, disfigurement, and pain and suffering. 

Calculating a fair settlement amount is challenging for the average individual who has little to no experience with personal injury cases. That’s why discussing the matter with an attorney can help immensely.

The attorney can make you aware of the areas of economic impact you should pursue, such as lost income and loss of consortium. 

Call for a Free Consultation

One of the best parts about speaking to an attorney after a motor vehicle accident is that there is no cost to you. Car accident attorneys offer a free consultation to meet with victims and offer initial guidance. 

For a free consultation with one of Indiana’s leading car accident law firms, contact Stewart & Stewart.

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