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4 Common Personal Injury Mistakes to Avoid in Indiana

May 3, 2023 | Personal Injury

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As an accident victim in Indiana, you may be able to collect compensation for medical treatment costs, lost wages, physical pain, and emotional distress. However, several personal injury mistakes could harm your case. Here are four of these common mistakes and how to avoid them in your personal injury claim.

1. Delaying Medical Treatment

Immediately after an accident, you might not be sure if you suffered significant injuries. You might go back to your daily routine without seeking medical treatment. You should know that many potentially serious injuries, like whiplash, traumatic brain injury, or spinal trauma, may take time to appear. An early diagnosis and treatment are crucial for your recovery.

Your post-accident medical records could also play an important part in your claim. If you decide to file a claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company, your claim will rely on this medical evidence, along with other accident-related documentation, like a police report, photos and videos of the accident scene, and witness statements.

To sum it up, please see a physician after your accident, both for your health and to build vital supporting evidence for your claim.

2. Talking About Your Accident on Social Media

In today’s age of social media, it may feel natural to share details about your accident on Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter. Unfiltered social media activity during claim processing is one of the riskiest personal injury mistakes. Everything you post becomes public and is visible to the responsible party and their insurance company.

Insurance adjusters or the liable party’s lawyer may use your social media content to undermine your claim. For instance, an insurance company’s investigative team may argue that your posts and photos prove your injury is not that serious. Because of such sneaky underhanded moves, avoid any related social media activity after your accident until you speak to a lawyer.

3. Providing a Recorded Statement to the Insurance Company

After your accident, an insurance adjuster may call you and ask you to give an account of the incident in a recorded statement. Don’t do that without consulting a lawyer! Insurance company representatives may deliberately lead you to say things that could hurt your claim. Even an innocent phrase like “I hope to be up on my feet in a few days” might act against you.

When you speak with insurance companies, you may confirm your identity and the basic facts of the accident. Otherwise, leave communication with insurers to your personal injury lawyer.

4. Trying to Handle the Claim Yourself

Even if you believe you have a simple case that you can easily handle yourself, you should still consult a reputable personal injury lawyer. In many cases, you may be able to negotiate a higher settlement offer with the help of an attorney. Some personal injury lawyers handle cases on a contingency basis, so you’d pay only legal fees out of your settlement amount.  

Your lawyer can:

  • Examine your case and give you a realistic estimate of its worth
  • Build a compelling claim based on available evidence
  • Protect your interests when communicating with insurance companies
  • Advise you on accepting or rejecting a settlement offer
  • Take your case to court if settlement negotiations fail

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