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Core Values

Our Core Values


  • Outstanding Customer Service
    Our clients are hurt, wary, and sometimes destitute, but we make them feel welcomed and important. We are people pleasers regardless of how bitter or frustrated our clients might be when they walk in the door. We end every phone call with, “Do you haver any further questions, or is there anything else I can do for you?”
  • Solution Focused
    When we encounter adversity, it’s easy to focus on the negatives; however, when we have a growth mindset, we concentrate our efforts on solutions instead of problems. No matter how big or small the circumstance, we use critical thinking to always find a way to get things done and done right. We don’t just solve problems, we help identify the source of a question or challenge and provide the right, or a better, way of doing things to move forward.
  • Work Hard
    We give 100% on every job, duty, and responsibility. Our work ethic extends beyond a Monday-through-Friday, nine-to-five schedule because we arrive early, stay late, and work weekends when needed. We produce excellent work products. Our work is impeccable, and we produce it on time with no errors or misrepresentations of laws or facts. Precision and accuracy are highly valued in everything we do.
  • Dedicated To Winning 
    We possess a results-driven mindset. Our 24/7 goal is to win for our clients. All of our decisions and actions, whether big or small, play a role in this. We are 100% vested in our clients’ success. Our clients give us the opportunity to do the things we love on a daily basis. Their success=our success. There is no greater reward than seeing our clients’ reaction when our work not only fulfills their visions, but also surpasses their expectations. We do everything in our power to ensure our clients get what they are entitled to. We aggressively and creatively stand up for our clients’ rights. If we don’t win, we take it personally.
  • Take Ownership
    To truly engage in our work, we must own it. There’s no cutting corners. There’s no room for excuses. There’s only going above and beyond every chance we get. We must hold ourselves accountable for the quality of what we do, even when the outcome doesn’t bring us direct benefits. We can accomplish great things when we are highly self-motivated and take it upon ourselves to improve the status quo.
  • Consistency
    We know exemplary results come from incremental progress and improvement over an extended period of time. If we are consistent, we will always arrive at our destination and reach high levels of achievement. Furthermore, consistency yields accountability and discipline. When we are accountable and disciplined, we build higher levels of trust among our teammates and create a stronger sense of unity.
  • Better Than Yesterday 
    We are committed to being better today than yesterday. We are not okay with being average. We embrace opportunities every day to learn, improve, and grow. We welcome change. We understand true growth requires self-examination, a willingness to learn new concepts and ways of doing things, and stepping outside of our comfort zone.
  • Team First 
    No one succeeds alone. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. A cohesive team can endure anything. The combination of our skills, experiences, and efforts will make us great. If we put ourselves first, we’re not only limiting our potential, but likely putting our whole team on a path to failure. We always put the team first to allow a unified group of people achieve common goals.
  • Loyal to the Firm
    We care about the firm and all of our teammates. We are always loyal to the firm and our teammates both within the firm and outside of the firm. If we are loyal to the firm, the firm will be loyal to us. We are a family and we treat each other as such.
  • Excellent Reputation
    People know us as honest and aggressive. We don’t steal cases from other firms and we don’t take the easy way out. We are fine with taking the road less traveled by. Judges, attorneys, and insurance adjusters know that when we tell them something, it’s accurate, and we will live up to our promises. We have established a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable firm, and all of our actions should live up to that expectation.


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