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Workers’ Compensation

Indianapolis Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

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Indianapolis Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Times can be tough when you need to buy food to feed your family, clothes for your children to start school, and pay expensive medical bills, but you can’t because you haven’t been able to work since you were injured on the job. Life can’t be put on hold, and you need your Indiana workers’ compensation benefits now.

If you don’t want to wait needlessly for the payment you were guaranteed by your employer, contact an Indiana workers’ compensation lawyer at Stewart & Stewart. Our Indiana injury lawyers are experienced in helping injured workers and their families, and will demand that they get the compensation they deserve.

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Helping Indiana’s Injured Workers

Our Indiana injury lawyers are experienced in helping injured workers and their families, and will demand that they get the compensation they deserve.

Job-related injuries by the number

According to the Department of Labor, the following numbers of job-related injuries occurred in the workplace in 2006:


  • 4.1 million non-fatal injuries and illnesses in the workplace
  • 2.1 million injuries and illnesses that required days away from work, job transfer, or job restriction
  • 5,703 workers suffered fatal workplace injuries
  • 148 workers suffered fatalities in an Indiana workplace

Steps to follow if you were injured in an Indiana accident on the job:

  • promptly notify your employer of the injury
  • contact a physician and seek medical treatment
  • get an Indiana workers’ compensation lawyer to file your claim—get Stewart.
  • keep a record of medical expenses and lost wages
  • avoid speaking with an insurance company—your Indiana injury lawyer will do this for you

What the insurance company does not want you to know!

Insurance companies are notorious for giving people the runaround, but a skilled Indianapolis workers’ compensation attorney from Stewart & Stewart law firm understands the complications and red tape that can occur when dealing with a workers’ compensation case and get you the money you are due.

Information that insurance companies don’t want you to know because it could be pertinent in helping you receive a fair settlement:

  • you do not have to give the insurance company a recorded statement
  • you may be entitled to benefits even if you caused your own injury
  • even though you had a prior injury to the same area, you may still be entitled to benefits
  • you may be owed money for your mileage, parking, and prescriptions
  • you may be owed money for your permanent injuries and scarring

Disabilities covered by Indiana workers’ compensation benefits apply to anyone who has sustained an injury on the job or suffered an illness as the result of the working environment. Those seeking payment for their injuries may collect compensation for both short-term and long-term disabilities. If you think you are entitled to workers’ compensation, let a trustworthy workers’ compensation lawyer from Stewart & Stewart guide you through the legal process.

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