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Dog Bite

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Dog Bite Overview

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that nearly 900,000 Americans require medical attention for dog bite injuries each year.

But the damage caused by dog bites can be more than skin deep, leaving victims and their families facing severe physical and psychological trauma, expensive medical treatment, and lost wages.

If you or your child were injured by a dog, contact Stewart & Stewart Attorneys. Our dog bite lawyers know the law in Indiana, and we want to fight for the compensation you need to get better.

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Steps to Take After a Dog Bite Injury

Follow these five steps after a dog bite injury to help protect your health and your rights to compensation:


  1. See a doctor.
    Getting immediate medical attention prevents your injury from getting worse. Untreated wounds can become infected and cause serious complications. Your doctor’s medical report can also be used to help prove the severity of your injuries.

  3. Locate the dog’s owner.
    Record the dog owner’s name and contact information if you’re familiar with the dog that bit you. If the attack occurred in a public place or unfamiliar area, contact the local police department for help locating the dog’s owner.

  5. Gather witness statements.
    Get contact information from neighbors, local business owners, or anyone else who witnessed the attack. Their statements can help paint a clear picture of what happened.

  7. Document your dog bite injuries.
    Keep copies of your treatment records, prescription information, and receipts for all expenses related to your accident to prove how the dog bite has impacted your life. Taking photos of your injuries can also help prove the severity of your injuries to the insurance company.

  9. Get a lawyer. Get Stewart.
    We have experience handling dog bite claims, and our Indiana dog bite lawyers have the knowledge and resources to hold dog owners accountable for their negligence.
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