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Alexandra Goodnight - Legal Assistant

Alexandra Goodnight


Allison Miller - Case Manager | Stewart & Stewart

Allison Miller

Case Manager

Andrea Goetz

Accounting Manager

Angela Tramm

Sr. Paralegal

Dora Estrada

Sr. Paralegal

Edward Jarrold - Intake Specialist | Stewart & Stewart

Edward Jarrold

Intake Specialist

Emersen Kolb - Law Clerk

Emersen Kolb

Law Clerk

Gisselle Stewart

Operations Assistant

Hannah Lee - Law Clerk | Stewart & Stewart

Hannah Lee

Law Clerk

Hayley Nord - Intake Specialist

Hayley Nord

Intake Specialist

Jeff Reinking - Law Clerk | Stewart & Stewart

Jeff Reinking

Law Clerk

Kevin Moran

Director of Operations

Stephanie Matzenbacher

Sr. Paralegal

Liliana Iancu

Client Systems Administrator

Macy Korfhage - Paralegal

Macy Korfhage


Marcia Vandyke

Court Liaison

Mo AlMahareeq

Mo AlMahareeq

Law Clerk

Rhonda Fowler

Internal Logistics Coordinator

Samuel Hoffman - Law Clerk

Samuel Hoffman

Law Clerk

Tatum Figueroa - Intake Specialist

Tatum Figueroa

Intake Specialist

Tim Green

Lead Investigator/Carmel Police Chief, Ret.


Supervisor of Morale