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5 Common Places for Slip & Fall Accidents

Dec 27, 2019 | Personal Injury


Slip & Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Here is our list of the top five common places that slip and fall accidents occur.

1. Work

Slip and fall injuries occur most frequently on the job. This is especially true for manual labor jobs that make frequent use of scaffolding, ladders, and/or heavy equipment. Not only are employers expected to enforce regulations that keep the workplace as safe as possible, but those who are injured at work are also entitled to worker’s compensation.

In more extreme cases where an employer’s negligence created a hazard that should not have existed, or when an employer tries to intimidate their employees from claiming worker’s compensation, there may be cause to file a claim against the employer. If you or someone you love has suffered due to employer negligence and/or intimidation, you should speak with a worker’s compensation attorney right away.

2. Stairs and Escalators

In a 2017 study, experts found that stair injuries have increased by over 20% since 1996. Hospital emergency staff also point to escalator mishaps as contributing to a significant number of slip and fall injuries.

Property owners are responsible for maintaining stairs and escalators. Most importantly, they are responsible for warning and roping off any stairs/escalators in disrepair until such hazards are addressed. When invitees (such as customers or invited visitors) injure themselves in a slip and fall as a result of hazardous conditions on stairs or escalators, the property manager assumes premises liability and may be forced to compensate the injured party in a personal injury claim.

3. Ice on Sidewalks and Parking Lots

During winter, Indiana can see its fair share of snow and ice. For businesses, they must take extra care to make sure that all pedestrian areas are reasonably clear of snow and ice. If a jury finds that a commercial property owner failed to address snow and/or ice conditions in a reasonable amount of time before the slip and fall accident occurred, that owner will be required to pay damages to the injured party.

For other issues pertaining to “winter liability,” there is no clear standard wherein property owners are tried. However, many victims of a slip and fall injury as a result of ice/snow have successfully taken their personal injury case to court and won. If you or someone you love has been injured in a slip and fall case as a result of snow/ice, it is best you consult a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

4. Restaurants

More so than other types of business, restaurants can be hotbeds for slip and fall accidents. Not only do customers roam the aisles, but the servers are often moving about quickly while holding drinks and food. When food and liquids spill onto the floor, the establishment must address the spill right away and post warning signs if the floor remains slippery. Failure to address these hazards can result in slip and fall injuries that may end in a personal injury lawsuit.

5. Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

Slip and fall injuries at assisted living and nursing homes abound. As such, any licensed facility must meet rigorous demands in order to protect elderly residents and visitors from injuring themselves accidentally. Due to the frequency with which residents are reportedly falling and injuring themselves, it is not always the fault of the facility (or the facility’s staff).

However, if the facility and/or its staff fail to meet industry regulations and provide reasonable care to patients, that facility may be liable for slip and fall injuries to their patients in a personal injury claim.

For more information about how an Indiana attorney can help you with your slip and fall accident case, contact Stewart & Stewart Attorneys at 800-333-3529 or visit our website.

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