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5 Main Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

Jul 14, 2018 | Slip and Fall


When you are spending so much of your time on the job, you expect that your employer will maintain a safe work environment. Yet more than a million and a half work accidents happen every year, leaving thousands of employees out of work at any given moment as they recover from on-the-job injuries.

5 reasons most Slip and fall accidents occurUnder Federal law, you are entitled to a safe workplace, and you should not have to fear falling victim to an injury while at work. One of the most common injuries that can happen to employees whether they work in an office building or they work at a construction site is slipping and falling. You may be rushing to a meeting and slip on a wet floor or you may trip over poorly mounted scaffolding—but in either case, falling on the job can result in painful, long-lasting injuries. Here are the main causes of these all too common slip and fall accidents.

Improper Training

If you work in an environment that requires the use of machinery, being on your feet, or using your hands, it’s imperative that you receive the proper training before you begin work. If you are not shown how to do your job correctly, it can lead to an increase in injuries, especially slip and falls.

Uneven Surfaces

Everywhere from construction sites to office buildings are at risk for uneven flooring. It is your company’s responsibility to create a safe workplace, and that includes correcting uneven surfaces. If your company fails to do this, you are at risk for slip and falls that can cause serious injury.

Improper Cleaning

In addition to correcting uneven surfaces, your company must also ensure they clean your work space with the utmost care. If there is a spill in the break room that is not cleaned up in a timely manner, and you slip on it and hurt yourself, your company could be liable for your injuries.

Inappropriate Footwear

Many jobs require a certain type of footwear in order to ensure slip and falls don’t occur. If your employer does not provide the shoes for you, it is up to you to purchase, and wear, the shoes that are needed to keep you safe.


While weather is no one’s fault, per say, it is one of the leading causes of slip and falls in the workplace. And although your employer can not stop the rain or the snow, if you do fall on their property, they can be liable as they are obligated to keep the area safe for employees.

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