Takata Airbags

When we drive in our cars, we rely on them to keep us safe should an accident occur—specifically, we expect our airbags to work properly and prevent us from flying through the windshield and sustaining extensive injuries. When our airbags don’t work, though, a car accident can become much more tragic, leaving victims with long-lasting, serious injuries and even death.

Recently, the Takata airbag underwent one of the largest recalls in automotive history. The Takata brand, in an effort to spend less money and gain more profits, began using ammonium nitrate inside their airbags. Ammonium nitrate is a dangerous chemical and it was causing airbags to explode unexpectedly. In hotter climates, the airbags were also degrading quickly and causing dangerous explosions inside cars.

Unfortunately, Takata did not make it clear that their airbags provided such a high risk of injury, and many car manufactures began installing them in cars—leaving millions of Americans at risk. Now, these airbags have been recalled, but they still remain, sometimes unknown by the owner, in many cars around the country.

If you had an airbag explode unexpectedly or were injured by a faulty or dangerous airbag, it’s important that you contact an attorney and get the compensation you deserve. The attorneys at Stewart & Stewart are here to help your legal battle as you recover from any injuries you have sustained. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.