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Are Dash Cams Admissible in Court?

Dec 18, 2020 | Auto Accident


Yes, Indiana courts will allow you to submit dash cam footage to prove your case in an accident or other legal matter. However, presenting a dash cam video might hurt your case if you don’t have a car accident attorney who can explain how this type of footage should be utilized. 

That being said, many are using dash cams to protect themselves from liability in scenarios where they have been falsely accused. Others are producing video footage as evidence in a personal injury claim. Here is a quick guide to the benefits of having a dash cam in your car.

Liability Protection

Unexpected incidents can occur while you are behind the wheel –from traffic tickets to accident accusations–that are unfair. However, your dash cam could provide the evidence you need to prove your innocence.

Submitting Video Footage to an Insurance Company

After an accident, you can choose to provide the adjuster your video footage to demonstrate that you did not cause the accident. However, if you were responsible for the accident, then the footage will clearly fault you. Therefore, it may or may not be in your best interest to submit dash cam footage to your insurance company.

Proving Innocence

If you were ticketed for a traffic violation that you did not commit, then your dash cam footage could prove your innocence. These violations include failing to stop, running a red light, and more. If the footage does indeed prove your innocence, you can challenge the violation and have the charges dropped completely.

Evidence in a Personal Injury Claim

If you or someone you love was injured in a vehicle accident by the negligence of another party, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries. Compensation can include  lost wages, recovery costs, and other damages. Even if the other driver’s insurance accepted liability, insurance caps could leave you paying significant costs out of pocket. 

Those with a dash cam are allowed to submit video evidence of the other driver’s negligence. Here are a couple of realities to keep in mind if you have dash cam evidence to submit.

The Role of Video Evidence

The video footage is totally neutral, but it is important to keep in mind that there may be unclear shots or angles. As a result, if the footage can clearly show what happened, this is admissible evidence that can support your case. Be sure to remember that you will also need a log of the costs associated with damage and injuries following the accident.

Your personal injury claim seeks to prove that, first, the other driver was clearly negligent, and second, that your injuries (and all the costs associated with those injuries) are connected to that accident. That being said, your video footage can demonstrate who was at fault, but you will need more evidence to showcase the full scope of the injuries you sustained as a result of that driver’s negligence.

If you are the victim of a hit and run, your dash cam footage could be critical in bringing the other driver to justice.

The Role of an Attorney

You should not attempt to represent yourself in a personal injury claim, even if you have dash cam evidence. An experienced attorney will need to guide you through the process of discovery (gathering relevant evidence), and they will also be able to help the court understand what the video footage means.

Many have falsely assumed that video footage tells the whole story, but unfortunately, this is not the case. The defendant’s attorney can counter the video evidence unless your attorney is skilled enough to build an airtight case on your behalf.

For more information about how an Indiana attorney can help you with your motor vehicle accident case, contact Stewart & Stewart Attorneys at 800-333-3529 or visit our website.

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