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Can I Sue After Complications from Testosterone-Boosting Products?

Aug 5, 2019 | Drug Injury


Depending on the circumstances in which you took any testosterone supplements or drugs, and depending on the effects of those drugs, you may be eligible for compensation in a product liability case or drug injury case.

If you or someone you love has suffered adverse effects after taking testosterone-boosting drugs, talk to your doctor before continuing use.

Additionally, you should consult a local drug and personal injury attorney to discuss your eligibility for compensation.

Not only have testosterone-boosting products often fail to produce results, but they have also led to severe physical side effects that endanger the lives of the men and women who take them.

Why Men are Using Testosterone Supplements

While some women take these supplements, it is usually middle-aged to older men who are seeking to boost their testosterone levels. There are a number of reasons why one would take testosterone-boosting drugs, from doctor prescriptions, to public marketing, to trying to privately remedy erectile dysfunction.

As men age, it is common that their testosterone level decreases, and possibly their sex drive and muscle tone does as well. Men often use products to “boost” their testosterone to address one or more of these concerns.

Unfortunately, “low T” is not a well-defined symptom or diagnosis. Doctors might prescribe these drugs with little or no thought. Men might also self-diagnose and try a variety of testosterone-boosting products on their own.

Those who create and sell testosterone-boosting products often employ marketing on the basis of trying to help men feel more youthful and appealing.

Known Adverse Effects of Using Testosterone-Boosting Products

More and more reports have surfaced indicating a strong connection between testosterone-enhancing drugs/supplements and severe health complications.

These complications include heart attacks, blood clots, stroke, and even breast cancer in men.

The FDA is attempting to issue proper warnings and regulate the testosterone-boosting industry, but unfortunately, many of the sellers and manufacturers have not stopped marketing their products.

In the meantime, the number of testosterone-drug victims merits suspicion that these products are not worth the risk.

Even if your doctor were to advise you to take testosterone-boosting drugs, you should discuss the possible severe side effects before using drugs to address low testosterone.

Basis for a Lawsuit

Many lawsuits have already been filed against testosterone drug and supplement companies.

Not only have testosterone-boosting products shown time and time again to harm their users, but there has not been concrete evidence to support that these products actually work.

Anyone seeking justice and compensation against one or more organizations creating and selling testosterone-boosting products would file a lawsuit on the basis of product liability.

There are currently thousands of motions seeking to address the claims that testosterone drug companies have been negligent and misleading customers.

If you or someone you love feels that they are suffering from “low t” (low testosterone), they should first consult with their doctor to confirm that is the case. If after taking any testosterone-boosting products you begin to experience major discomfort, such as chest pain, you should notify your doctor of your symptoms and that you have already used these products.

Studies have shown that using testosterone drugs and supplements can increase your chances of having a stroke or heart attack.

If you or someone you love has suffered a stroke or heart attack after taking testosterone-boosting products, you should seek assistance from a personal or drug injury attorney right away. You may be eligible for compensation for medical bills and other damages.

For more information about how a drug injury attorney in Indianapolis can help you with your case, contact Stewart & Stewart at 800-333-3529 or visit our website.

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