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Can You Sue Someone Over A Prank? Have You Ever Had A Case Like This?

Oct 26, 2023 | Video


I’m going to assume it was a prank and, in the commission of that prank, while they were pulling the prank on someone, that person was injured in some way, then yes, you could have a claim. In Indiana, you have the right to be compensated for medical bills paid, and so forth, for someone who’s at fault for injuring you, just like a car wreck. So if they’re pulling a prank on you and you get hurt, you have the right to pursue that. However, if feelings are hurt, you’re embarrassed or something like that, I don’t think there’s a claim for that. As lawyers, we get made fun of all the time that we’re the butt of a lot of jokes and you just got to be thick-skinned and we enjoy it. Well, also if the prank goes to the extent of defamation in some respects, you might have a claim.

So, listen, if you’ve been involved in a prank and it’s a good one, we’d love to hear about it, but it’s probably not a case we can pursue. But again, I’d love to hear about a good prank. You can give us a call anytime.

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