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Tire Defects

Often, tire safety is the responsibility of the driver. It’s important that a car owner checks their tires regularly, fills them with air when needed and gets them rotated often. Failure to do this can lead to flat tires, blowouts on the road and additional issues with your car that can lead to accidents or injuries.

There are many times, though, when cars’ tires fail and the driver is not at fault. Tire defects are more common than the average consumer may think. In fact, defects can range from errors in manufacturing to cracks or lumps in the tire. The majority of drivers will have no idea their tires are defective until after an accident occurs or they suffer from a blowout or rollover. Mechanics should always be on the lookout for any tire defects when they provide maintenance services, and a consumer should always ensure that they did before picking up their car.

But wouldn’t you know if a certain tire was defective and therefore, recalled? Unfortunately, this is usually not the case. With so many different brands and models for tires, a tire recall is usually not announced to the consumer right away—or at all. Even when a recall is announced, it is usually announced by code, not by make or model, and the average consumer is not aware of their tires code, making that information obsolete.

Defective tires can cause a variety of issues and are often a big source of accidents on highways and main roads. These types of accidents are usually more serious and lead to extensive injuries to you, other drivers and your vehicle.

If you feel that you were sold defective tires, you may have a claim on your hands. If you were not notified of a defective tire until it was too late, you deserve to be compensated for any injuries or damages you sustained. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your defective tire claim.

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