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Do I Need a Dash Cam in My Vehicle?

Jan 12, 2022 | Auto Accident


Dash cameras help you capture what’s happening outside your vehicle. Some feature both front and rear-mounted cameras to record incidents that take place in front of and behind your vehicle.

But do you really need one as a driver in Indiana? A dashcam could clear up who is at fault for an accident, but that includes demonstrating that you were among the drivers who contributed to the accident or that you alone were the negligent party in a car accident. 

Pros and Cons of Using a Dashcam

Installing a dashcam on your car can have many great benefits, including:

  • Recording all activity leading up to and after an accident
  • Parents can monitor their child’s activity
  • Some insurance companies offer good driver discounts, which dash cams can validate
  • Dashcams offer something you can share with law enforcement or other parties at an accident scene (even if you’re just a witness to the accident)
  • Record what’s happening to your vehicle when it’s parked
  • Record what’s happening inside a vehicle
  • Create memories from long car rides to share with friends or family

Some dash cams come with alerts and notifications. This can be great when your car is parked somewhere and you want to make sure no one messes with it.

And yet, dash cameras also have their disadvantages, including:

  • Can cause a distraction while driving
  • Could encourage theft since dashcams are visible from outside the vehicle
  • Can be subpoenaed as court evidence in a crash or other incident if your car was parked nearby

Indiana Law Concerning Dashcam Use

Compared to other states, Indiana’s dashcam laws are fairly lax. You can have the camera mounted on your windshield. The law does outline that the camera must be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The camera cannot be larger than 4 square inches. You must install it on the bottom corner of the passenger side of your vehicle’s windshield. If you obstruct your views with the camera, it can do more harm than good so read the owner’s manual carefully before beginning the camera installation. You don’t want to create a blind spot when changing lanes or trying to park your vehicle.

Before purchasing a dashcam, make sure that it meets the state’s requirements for the camera that you purchased to avoid legal issues. The camera could become a reason for fines and tickets.

Who Needs a Dashcam?

A dashcam could benefit any driver so long as they are comfortable with facing court requests for the camera’s footage. Good drivers, new drivers, and commercial drivers all benefit from this valuable tool.

But there are several categories of commercial drivers who can especially benefit from this service.

  • Rideshare drivers, so they can demonstrate when and where they dropped their passengers and can defend themselves in case of an accident, which can have higher stakes than an accident when you are driving for personal purposes.
  • Delivery drivers can show when and where they delivered packages and monitor their parked cars while making the delivery.
  • Individuals who regularly park and leave their car in areas with poor visibility or who leave valuables inside their vehicle, such as salespeople who need to carry products with them.
  • Truck drivers who need to prove compliance with regulations and protect their rigs.

Even if you don’t drive frequently and you have a clean driving record, you might want to consider getting a dashcam to protect yourself. Most people don’t purchase dash cams to showcase their missteps because they are poor drivers. Instead, good drivers are looking to prove that they were not the ones who were at fault for an accident.

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