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I Don’t Have Health Insurance – How Can I Seek Treatment After an Accident?

May 25, 2022 | Personal Injury


Despite efforts to make healthcare more affordable in the U.S., many Americans still find it challenging to afford coverage. So, if you’ve been in an accident and don’t have health insurance, you’re likely looking for alternate options.

Learn more about your options for finding affordable healthcare and ways to pursue payment for your medical bills from the party who was responsible for the accident.

Options for Free or Low-Cost Medical Care

In some areas of the country, you can find free or low-cost health care. You should start by reviewing the eligibility requirements for Medicaid. 

Then, look for medical centers and doctor’s offices that provide charity care. You might need to apply for charity care and undergo a financial review of your income and assets before qualifying. 

The Indiana Department of Insurance may be able to guide you in finding affordable medical providers who can treat your ailments despite a lack of insurance. 

Look into community health clinics. Staff at these clinics offer their time at a lower cost or even for free based on your financial situation. However, most care is not for acute conditions that are the result of an accident.

If you have the option between urgent care and the emergency room, it will likely cost less to receive treatment from urgent care facilities than it will if you receive treatment from a hospital. However, if you’re still concerned about expenses, discuss fees before pursuing care at an urgent care.

In some cases, your injuries are so severe that they require a visit to the emergency room. It will cost you less to go directly to the emergency room than to go to urgent care, get a checkup, and then learn you still need to visit the emergency room.

No matter where you go for medical treatment, start by telling the office or provider that you do not have medical insurance. This will help start the conversation about prices and options. And if you need a prescription, ask for generic medication.

Personal Injury Claims

If you’ve been in an accident that was the result of someone else’s negligence, you can also pursue a claim through a personal injury claim. For example, if you slip on a patch of ice in a parking lot, you might have a personal injury claim against the property owner or maintenance company responsible for keeping the area safe.

If you were using a product the way the directions indicated you should but it was unsafe, you might have a product liability case against the manufacturer, seller, or distributor. You’ll need to investigate which party was at fault for your injuries to know who to talk to about opening an insurance claim. 

Some situations are clearer than others. In the case of a car accident, drivers know to ask the other party for their insurance information. In contrast, accidents that happen at a grocery store or restaurant are not as obvious. Many people don’t think to request insurance information from the property owner.

After an accident and once you’ve sought emergency medical attention, you should talk to a personal injury attorney. An attorney can help you track down who is responsible for paying your medical bills. In some situations, you can get the insurance company to pay your bills directly. Other cases might require finding a doctor willing to treat you and delay payment until your claim closes or you receive a settlement from the insurance company.

Reach Out to Our Team of Seasoned Personal Injury Attorneys

Regardless of how you choose to pay your medical bills while awaiting payment from the insurance company, you must document your expenses and save every receipt. This will be important evidence in your case to ensure you get back every dollar you’re forced to spend on medical care.

Stewart & Stewart is a team of skilled attorneys ready to help you evaluate the best course of action to get your medical bills paid after an accident. Contact us now to learn more.

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