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If you sustained serious injuries in a car accident, a slip-and-fall incident, or any type of personal injury accident in Carmel, IN, you may be entitled to compensation. As a leading personal injury law firm in Indiana, Stewart & Stewart Attorneys offers expert legal support and guidance for your personal injury claim. Call us today for a free consultation and assertive legal support throughout your case.

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Cases We Handle

At Stewart & Stewart Attorneys, we represent all types of personal injury cases, such as the following:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Medical malpractice 

We also handle wrongful death cases and help families who’ve lost loved ones seek justice after their tragedy. 

Compensation You May Expect

While every personal injury claim is different, at Stewart & Stewart Attorneys, the settlements we negotiate for our clients often include:

  • Economic damages: Any tangible accident-related damages, like medical costs, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, vehicle damage, and funeral and burial expenses for bereaved families. 
  • Non-economic damages: Pain and suffering, reduced quality of life, loss of consortium or companionship, and any damages you can’t quantify.

In cases involving gross negligence, fraud, or malicious conduct, a court may also award punitive damages to punish the offender and discourage similar wrongdoing. Indiana caps punitive damages at $50,000 or three times the compensatory (economic and non-economic) damages. 

Proving Fault After Accidents in Indiana

In Indiana, you must establish fault to sue for damages in a personal injury case. Essentially, you’ll need to show that:

  • The allegedly responsible party owed you a duty of care
  • This party’s breach of duty led or contributed to your accident
  • The accident caused you tangible damages 

For example, let’s say a defective grocery store cart hits you, and you fall and suffer a head injury. In this case, we may argue the store owner was responsible since they neglected to keep their carts in safe and working condition. 


What If Your Actions Contributed to the Accident?

Under Indiana’s modified comparative negligence rule, you can still claim compensation even if you share some of the fault for the accident, provided your share of responsibility is under 51%. However, your settlement will be lower proportionally to the percentage of fault. 

For instance, in the grocery cart example, the case investigation may show you weren’t careful enough and are 30% responsible for the accident. Thus, if the total worth of your case is $150,000, you’ll only collect 70% of that amount, which would be $105,000. 

The liable party may try to exploit Indiana’s comparative negligence principle and inflate your share of the blame to avoid paying you. That’s why working with a skilled Carmel injury lawyer who will defend your rights is vital.

What To Do After an Accident in Carmel, IN

The minutes and hours immediately following an accident often involve a lot of confusion, stress, and shock. Taking the right actions can help reinforce your claim later on.

You should:

  • Ensure your safety. Move (and help others move) away from the hazard. For instance, if you were in a car accident, try to move to the shoulders of the road.
  • Call 911 if you or anyone else have visible serious injuries. If possible, stay at the scene until first responders and the police arrive. 
  • Seek medical attention. By all means, go to the nearest emergency room if necessary, but don’t forget a check-up even if you feel fine, as not all injuries are apparent at first. Save all your medical records. 
  • Collect evidence, like the police report, photos of the accident site, and witness statements. Do this immediately before witnesses disperse and responders clear up the scene. 

You’ll usually need to inform your insurance company of the accident to qualify for coverage, but be brief and only list basic facts until you speak to a lawyer. Similarly, be careful with what you say if the other side’s insurance adjuster calls you. Refuse to give recorded statements and never accept any settlement offer before an attorney reviews your case.

How a Carmel Personal Injury Attorney Can Help Your Case

People often ask, “Do I really need a lawyer? Can’t I handle my personal injury claim myself?”

The truth is that the defendant and their insurance company aren’t looking out for your interests. They’re more likely to dispute your claim, argue that you caused or contributed to the accident, or try to downplay the extent of your injuries. To protect your rights, you need a skilled lawyer, and understanding the qualities to look for in a personal injury attorney is crucial in making the right choice.

Even considering attorney’s fees, you’ll almost certainly walk away with a larger settlement when you have an experienced legal professional handling your case. A seasoned personal injury attorney in Carmel, IN, can:


  • Investigate your case and help you establish fault
  • Source and present evidence to build a powerful claim
  • Negotiate with the other side’s insurers and lawyers
  • Walk you through the entire claim process, reducing stress and hassle at a trying time
  • Take your case to trial and defend your rights in the courtroom if settlement negotiations fail

When To Contact an Attorney After Your Accident

Generally, the sooner, the better. An experienced Carmel injury lawyer can help you understand the worth of your case and protect you from underhanded tactics by insurance companies, like pressuring you to sign a lowball settlement offer or tricking you into a recorded statement that undermines your claim.

You must also ensure you take legal action within Indiana’s statute of limitations, usually two years from the date of the injury. In long-term or catastrophic injury cases, your attorney may recommend waiting until your condition reaches maximum improvement to get a clear picture of your recovery and employment prospects before filing a claim. However, you should still seek legal counsel as soon as possible. 

Why Stewart & Stewart Attorneys?

Choosing a competent lawyer is a crucial step in your personal injury claim. As the legal professionals representing your case, we at Stewart & Stewart Attorneys are here to advocate for your rights while you focus on recovery. Personal injury victims and their families choose our law firm for:

  • Stellar team. Our proficient attorneys have the skills and experience to handle any type of personal injury case, from simple to complex and contested.
  • Proven track record. Our recent victories include millions in personal injury and wrongful death settlements. 
  • Assertive approach. We dive deep into each case and will leave no stone unturned to help you win adequate compensation.
  • Strong local ties. We are proud of being a locally based law firm and commit to providing outstanding legal services in the community of Carmel, IN. 
  • No upfront fees. You only pay when we settle your case or win an award. 

Learn more about our law firm here, then call us for a free consultation. 

Consult a Personal Injury Lawyer in Carmel, IN

After a serious accident in Carmel, IN, you may struggle with a painful recovery and humongous medical bills, all while being unable to work because of your injuries. Let our dedicated legal team at Stewart & Stewart Attorneys help you seek justice and fight to win compensation on your behalf. 

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