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Insurance Dispute Lawyers

Dealing with your insurance company after an accident can be intimidating and difficult. If you have had an Indiana insurance dispute over claims you have made, you need an Indianapolis insurance claim lawyer from Stewart & Stewart Attorneys. Our Indiana insurance dispute lawyers can give you the fighting chance you deserve.

An insurance policy is a contract, and should be treated as one for all parties involved. If you or your family has been in an unfortunate accident, under policy terms, your insurance company is obligated to compensate you, but sometimes the companies aren’t as fair as they promise. Your insurance policy is supposed to be your safety net, a financial aid for unseen tragic events of the future, not a tiresome hassle.

If your insurance company has denied your claim, paid you less than expected, or delayed your payment, contact an Indiana insurance dispute lawyer from Stewart & Stewart. We will provide you the legal counsel you need to eliminate this dispute.

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Worst Insurers for Consumers

According to the American Association for Justice, the 10 worst insurance companies for consumers that are notorious for playing hardball and refusing to pay claims include:

  • Allstate
  • Unum
  • AIG
  • State Farm
  • Conseco
  • WellPoint
  • Farmers
  • UnitedHealth
  • Torchmark
  • Liberty Mutual

At Stewart & Stewart Attorneys, your best interest comes first. Our Indiana insurance claim lawyers have several years of experience in reviewing various insurance claims and are extremely knowledgeable of the rights you have as a policyholder. We also have extensive experience in litigating disputes involving policies of insurance including: actions for breach of contract and declaratory relief, as well as actions of bad faith.

Policy Types

Stewart & Stewart Attorneys will review, advise, and litigate the following policies for a client:

  • automobile insurance
  • disability insurance
  • health insurance
  • homeowner’s insurance
  • life insurance

Even if you think your Indiana insurance dispute is a small matter, contact a skilled Insurance dispute attorney from Stewart & Stewart. We will guide you through the legal process and help you make informed decisions about your case.

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