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Make Sure Your Construction Site Follows These Important Guidelines

Mar 22, 2021 | Personal Injury


The construction industry is one of the most important industries in the United States as it provides millions of jobs while also improving infrastructure. However, working on a construction site also poses an increased likelihood of getting injured on the job.

While it’s not all that surprising that operating power tools and working around heavy machinery produces a heightened risk of serious injury (or even wrongful death), the biggest problem with construction accidents is that most of the mistakes could have been avoidable.

As is the norm with most personal injury lawsuits, many accidents in the United States could have been avoided by simply following worker safety guidelines administered by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

OSHA Worker Safety Guidelines

These safety guidelines exist for a reason despite OSHA commonly being regarded as a “bad guy” in the private sector. OSHA frequently reprimands construction sites, builders, and companies that fail to follow standard safety protocol.

As an employee on a construction site (contractual or permanent), it is your responsibility to become familiar with worker safety guidelines as well as hold employers accountable when they fail to address safety concerns.

Construction workers should never feel pressured to perform job duties that are dangerous or go against OSHA safety guidelines. If this is the case, contact a construction accident lawyer immediately to protest unsafe work practices.

Stewart & Stewart has an outstanding track record of representing victims of construction accidents. Our dedicated and talented team of personal injury attorneys can assist you in protecting workplace rights or having a legal defense following construction accidents that result in serious or life-threatening injuries.

Construction Accident Hazards

The construction industry is one of the largest sectors of employment in the United States, with roughly seven million people working for over 680,000 employers. The construction industry provides a lot of jobs for America’s workforce, which also comes at a cost.

Personal injuries that occur on construction sites are generally very severe. Construction accidents have the highest mortality rate of any industry, public or private. Furthermore, if you are lucky enough to survive the incident, you’ll likely deal with serious or life-altering injuries that may prevent you from ever working again.

Consequently, how do you put food on the table for your family? How do you afford mounting medical bills? Is there a monetary value you can place on pain and suffering?

A construction accident lawyer can assist you with these questions and many more. These attorneys specialize in personal injury lawsuits that take place on a construction site. They are prepared and knowledgeable in going after construction companies and builders for unsafe working conditions.

Therefore, if you have been injured in a construction accident, do not hesitate to contact one of our personal injury lawyers at Stewart & Stewart.

Personal Injury Hazards at Construction Sites

It is easy to see why construction sites are so dangerous for employees. Often, workers are exposed to extreme heights or other hazardous work conditions. Moreover, construction workers operate heavy machinery and power tools, which are efficient yet present additional hazards.

Regardless, by far the biggest culprit of construction accidents is simply ignorance or a deliberate attempt to ignore safety protocol—usually in an effort to speed up productivity. Construction site managers and builders are required to understand and follow OSHA safety guidelines. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and usually, workers are the individuals that pay for it.

There are many potential hazards at your typical construction site. These include:

  •       Slip and fall accidents
  •       Falls from heights
  •       Trench collapse
  •       Scaffold collapse
  •       Electric shock
  •       Repetitive motion injuries
  •       Failure to ese PPE (personal protective equipment)

Ignoring safety hazards or improper use of equipment (or lack of PPE) often results in serious or life-threatening injuries. These may include:

  •       Lacerations
  •       Broken bones
  •       Loss of limb(s)
  •       Spinal injuries
  •       Vision problems
  •       Hearing problems
  •       Temporary or permanent disability

In many events, the construction accident could have been avoided entirely by following OSHA guidelines and using proper personal protective equipment.

Most Common Types of Construction Injuries

According to OSHA’s worker safety series, the most common construction accidents involve:

  1. Scaffolding
  2. Slip and falls
  3. Excavations
  4. Ladders
  5. Lack of head protection
  6. Lack of communication
  7. Incorrect safety guidelines
  8. Electrical

You should review more safety guidelines for the type of construction work you perform by consulting the official OSHA resource.

Legal Protection for Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common construction accidents along with scaffolding/falls from heights. If you are injured on the job you should consult a construction accident lawyer as compensation for your injuries may be available.

Personal injury attorneys that deal with slip and fall accidents can represent you in a civil action lawsuit. Filing a personal injury claim can help you receive compensation for your injuries, which helps cover medical bills, lost wages, and emotional damages.

Contact a personal injury attorney at Stewart & Stewart at (866) 926-2414.

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