Truck Cab Guards

A truck cab guard is a guard placed on the front end of an 18-wheeler to prevent shifting cargo from touching the truck. Cab guards are required for heavy trucks that pull trailers and flat beds.

Truck cab guards are designed to protect the truck, but unfortunately, many manufactures of these products have failed to follow the proper welding requirements when making the cab guards. Because of this, the cab guards are weakened without any knowledge to the truck driver or company who owns the truck. When the guards weaken, they will fail to protect the main cab of the truck, resulting in injuries to the driver or others in the vehicle.

If you are a truck driver, you assume that the truck you drive will be kept in top notch condition and be constantly checked for maintenance. While this may be true for most, cab guards are often something that go unnoticed by truckers and the maintenance team who service the truck.

If you were hurt by the weakening or failure of a cab guard, you may be entitled to a claim. To receive the compensation you deserve, reach out to us to see how we can help you.