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What Happens if I Reject a Settlement Offer in Indiana?

Jan 4, 2023 | Personal Injury


Client Rejects a Settlement Offer in Indiana

If you’re dealing with medical bills and other costs from a personal injury claim, you might wonder what would happen if you reject an Indiana settlement offer. Insurance companies make lowball offers to try to make injured people think that’s the most they can get for their claim. Many initial offers don’t even cover all your medical expenses, much less other costs.

Personal injury attorney Darron Stewart of  Stewart & Stewart in Carmel, IN describes the scenarios in which a client may not want to accept a settlement offer, as well as the next steps to take. Read on to learn more about what to do next when you reject an offer from an insurance company.

Scenarios When a Client Could Reject a Settlement Offer

There are two main instances when a client may be better served to reject a settlement offer from an insurance company. If you have a personal injury claim, knowing when to contact a personal injury lawyer for your claim can help you pursue the maximum claim value for your case.

When You Have a Lowball Offer You Want to Reject

If you’ve been working with the insurance company for your claim and just received an offer you don’t feel is appropriate, contact an attorney right away. An attorney can review your claim and help you determine a more fitting value.

The best chance of covering all your medical expenses, lost wages, and continuing expenses is to bring on board a personal injury attorney from the beginning. An experienced attorney can gather photographic evidence, security footage from nearby businesses, and record witness statements to build your case. This evidence becomes harder to document as more time passes.

An Existing Client Wants to Reject an Offer

If you’ve already been working with an attorney to represent you in your personal injury claim and the insurance company submits a lowball settlement offer, you have options for your next steps moving forward. Sometimes the insurance company will keep sending offers that are too low to cover your medical expenses, which is frustrating when your bills keep piling up. You have the option of staying with that attorney or bringing in a new attorney. 

Next Steps After Rejecting an Offer

When asking, “What if I reject a settlement offer in Indiana?” you may be wondering what your next steps are. Depending on whether you’ve already filed a personal injury lawsuit, your next steps could include a few options.

File a Lawsuit

If the insurance company continues to make low offers during the claim process, it’s time to file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party who caused your injuries. Insurance companies use their own legal representation to protect their policyholders and stakeholders but protect themselves from being named as the defendant by making you file suit against their policyholder.

Enter Mediation

If you’ve already filed suit to pursue the maximum settlement for your claim, you may enter mediation to negotiate a suitable settlement outside of court before the trial begins.

Take the Case to Trial

You may have to take your personal injury lawsuit to trial for your attorney to argue before a jury. The jury can decide which parties are liable and how much your case is worth, or the insurance company may see an incentive to settle before a determination.

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