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What To Do if You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse in Indiana

Jan 25, 2021 | Nursing Home Abuse


Nursing home abuse is a growing problem in the United States as more individuals from the Baby Boomer generation migrate to senior living facilities. The same is true in the state of Indiana, where nursing home neglect is a bigger issue than many realize.

While many individuals that work at senior living facilities are wonderful, selfless people—there are always bad apples in the mix. Seniors are especially prone to nursing home abuse and neglect because they are often vulnerable and confused, or too trusting.

Furthermore, some seniors may be afraid to report nursing home abuse because they are unsure of who to report the crimes to for fear of retaliation. It doesn’t help that many Indiana senior living centers are overcrowded and understaffed.

What should you do if you suspect nursing home abuse in Indiana?

Nursing home abuse is an emerging problem not only in the state but the rest of the country. Those that are victims of senior abuse need to contact a nursing home abuse lawyer. These individuals can help represent the voiceless in senior living facilities across the nation.

Nursing Home Abuse—A Growing Problem in the U.S.

Nursing home abuse is among the fastest rising crimes in the United States. More seniors are relocating to alternative forms of living from the Baby Boomer generation, yet many nursing and assisted living facilities are overcrowded and understaffed.

The lack of resources and support is often a recipe for abuse and neglect. There are many seniors that are too weak or vulnerable to properly take care of or defend themselves. Nursing home workers that take advantage of seniors and their rights should be punished for their actions.

Sadly, many senior living providers operate first as a business and secondly as a healthcare provider. For this reason, many put profit over the lives of the residents they are held responsible for supervising and treating.

Because of these shortcomings in the senior living industry, many older men and women are neglected while living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Moreover, nursing home abuse is becoming more prevalent.

Nursing home abuse comes in many forms (physical, emotional, financial) and frequently patients are afraid to report crimes, even to loved ones. While nursing home neglect seems unthinkable, it happens more frequently than most would like to admit.

Even more frustratingly, most seniors are reluctant to tell family members about the violations. Therefore, many live in constant fear and agony. As a result, it is often the duty of family members and friends to properly report nursing home abuse to authorities.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse 

There are different types of nursing home abuse and neglect. If you are having trouble determining which type of abuse is appropriate to report, contact a nursing home abuse lawyer for more assistance.

Nursing home abuse is not always physical in nature. There are many forms of nursing home abuse including:

  • Physical: When the patient is harmed and there are physical signs of abuse.
  • Neglect: A complete lack of care for a patient’s safety or physical and emotional needs.
  • Emotional: When the patient doesn’t suffer physical injuries but has mental anguish from insults or threats.
  • Sexual: Senior citizens are not immune to sexual abuse. If you suspect sexual abuse at a nursing home, speak with a reporting authority or lawyer.
  • Financial: Seniors are at risk of getting financially manipulated through scams.


Stewart & Stewart can meet with you for free. Learn more about our law firm and our track record representing clients of nursing home neglect and abuse.

Report Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse and neglect is a serious crime. It also generally repeats itself which means the crime worsens over time. Unfortunately, if the senior or a loved one fails to report the infractions, the crime continues.

Thankfully, there are a variety of resources to consult if you suspect nursing home neglect or abuse. A nursing home abuse lawyer like the team assembled at Stewart & Stewart is prepared to handle your case. Stewart & Stewart is available for a free initial consultation. Contact us today for a confidential, no-commitment consultation at 1-866-925-3071.

Furthermore, if you suspect a crime at a senior living facility, you should report the abuse to local, state, and national agencies.

First, if you think your loved one is in life-threatening danger—call 911. Secondly, contact Indiana adult protective services (IPAC) and report the crime. Indiana adult protective services can also inform you on how to connect with a long-term care ombudsman.

Thirdly, you may wish to contact a national nursing home abuse hotline for more assistance. By reporting nursing home neglect through one of these channels, you can launch an investigation that will hopefully establish who is accountable and proper actions will be taken.

In some cases, working directly with medical professionals or staff at the senior living facility is not the proper reporting channel. Speaking with a nursing home abuse lawyer can help lead you in the right direction. Contact Stewart & Stewart 24/7 at 1-866-926-2419.

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