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Which Insurance Do I Pursue a Claim Against After an Accident?

Apr 4, 2022 | Personal Injury


After suffering injuries in an accident, you might be wondering how to get your medical bills paid so you can move on with your life with as little financial impact as possible.

Sadly, no insurance company will be knocking on your door offering to pay your bills. Injury victims have to track down who was at fault for an accident and what insurance policies might apply based on the circumstances.

To guide you in knowing where to turn for financial coverage after an accident, here’s a look at common situations and what insurance company is liable for your financial damages.

1. Car Accidents

If you’ve suffered injuries due to a car accident that was not your fault, the other driver’s car insurance should pay your expenses. Although police reports often outline the specifics of who made the wrong move and what led to the accident, these cases are not always clear.

Other parties who might be liable in car accidents can be cities or businesses whose landscaping or property features create blind spots. Also, the city’s failure to properly maintain the roads could be the cause of an accident. In that case, the city would be the liable party.

Or, if you’re in a car accident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist, the claim might go against your policy as a personal injury protection (PIP) claim or uninsured/underinsured motorist claim if you have those coverages on your policy. These coverages are optional based on your preferences, so you may or may not have them in your policy.

2. Pedestrian Accidents

When a car hits you as a pedestrian, the driver’s auto insurance policy should cover your injuries. Or, if it’s a hit-and-run situation, your car insurance might apply. Otherwise, you might need to use health insurance coverage to pay your bills. It’s best to discuss your circumstances with an attorney for more information.

3. Bike Accidents

Much like pedestrian accidents, auto insurance policies should apply in the case of a bike accident. If you were following the rules of the road or sidewalk, you should have a claim against the insurance policy of the driver who hit you.

4. Dog Bites

Homeowners have a responsibility to control their dogs. When they fail to do so, they can be liable for dog bites and attacks. Dog bite injuries are claimed against the homeowner’s insurance policy as a premises liability claim.

5. Accidents on Private Property

If you were invited to a friend or family member’s home and suffered an injury while on their private property, you might have a claim against their homeowners’ insurance policy to cover your bills.

This only applies if the homeowner was negligent in caring for the property or fails to warn you of hazards you can’t easily see or know about. You’ll still need to use common sense while on the property to protect your wellbeing.

6. Accidents on Business Properties

Much like homeowners have a responsibility to maintain their homes and keep them safe for visitors, businesses must do the same.

For example, if you slip and fall on a wet spot that a business knew about or should have known about, you might have a claim against their business insurance policy. The business should keep the premises free of hazards such as torn carpets, dangerous machinery out in the open, snow and ice in the parking lots or walkways, etc.

This year, Stewart & Stewart proudly celebrates our 40th anniversary of treating clients like family. If you’ve suffered an injury that was not your fault and you’re looking for ways to get reimbursement for your medical bills, contact Stewart & Stewart. We’ll help you work through the details to find what insurance policy might apply in your situation to begin working toward a settlement. 

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