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Women who give birth in Indiana have much greater risk of death than national average

Mar 13, 2020 | News


Women who give birth in Indiana have much greater risk of death than national average

Giving birth is a beautiful and joyous time for most families, but it can also be a scary medical ordeal that leads to terrible circumstances. Here in the United States, it’s reported that more than 700 women die every single year during or directly after giving birth — a rate so high, it pairs the U.S. with third world countries when comparing mortality rates during birth.

For Indiana residents, the numbers get even more grim. Here, we rank third for the worst birth-related mortality rates in the country—and the families affected by these deaths are searching for answers. Stewart & Stewart client, Tana Tyler, recently died after giving birth to her son and her family is now struggling with the aftermath. “She was a daughter, a mother, a sister, a cousin, a granddaughter, a niece, a friend,” said Tana’s mother, LaDonna Fields. “This changed my whole family.”

If you or a loved one experienced birth defects or a death after or during birth, you deserve to be compensated for your loss and the pain and suffering your family has experienced. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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