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Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyers Discuss Summer Accident Risks

June 24, 2015

Summer is here in Indiana. During this time of year, it’s important to recognize that the risks of certain types of accidents tend to rise during summer months. That’s why Stewart & Stewart Attorneys would like to make you aware of two of the most common accidents this time of year.

Car Accidents

Students are out of school, and families tend to travel a lot more between Memorial Day and Labor Day, putting more vehicles on the road each day. Our Indianapolis car accident attorneys explain that higher traffic volumes tend to correlate with more highway deaths—there were 233 Indiana traffic fatalities between June-August 2012. Our Indiana car accident attorneys point out that these three months also had the highest fatality counts for the entire year.

Dog Bites

Data indicates that the number of dog bite injury victims tends to increase during summer months as well. According to Greensburg Daily News, dog owners should double check their homeowner’s insurance policies to ensure bite accidents are covered. It’s also a good time to discuss caution when approaching strange dogs with children.

Get Help

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Fosamax® and Other Bisphosphonates May Not Prevent Bone Fractures

June 17, 2015

As we age, our bones naturally become thinner and more brittle. Some doctors use medications to help patients prevent loss of bone mass, but studies are showing these treatments may be ineffective—and may even put patients at a greater risk of harm.

The class of drugs ypically used to treat bone loss are known as bisphosphonates, and one on the most commonly prescribed versions is Fosamax®. The drug can help maintain and increase the size and weight of bones, but it can also cause a disruption in how the body regulates calcium in bones. The Fosamax® drug injury lawyers at Stewart and Stewart Attorneys point out this can result in fractures of the femur and a disease known as Osteonecrosis—a condition in which the jaw deteriorates due to lack of proper blood flow.

A study on the risks of taking Fosamax® resulted in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration requiring warnings for the drug. However, more recent studies have shown all bisphosphonates may be ineffective in preventing fractures caused by loss of mass.

According to Bloomberg News, researchers have examined data collected during 33 previous studies and determined very few broken hips are prevented with treatments using bisphosphonates.

If you’ve been harmed by Fosamax®, it’s important to know that you have legal rights. At Stewart & Stewart Attorneys, our Indiana drug injury lawyers are standing by to answer any questions you may have and help you get on the road to recovery. Feel free to call us anytime at (800) 33-33-LAW to speak with our legal staff.



How Does Indiana Law Protect an Employee’s Rights After a Work Injury?

June 10, 2015

Thousands of Indiana workers are injured on the job each year. Many file workers’ compensation claims—but filing for these benefits can prompt numerous questions.

One of the most common concerns the Indianapolis workers’ compensation lawyers at Stewart & Stewart Attorneys hear is whether or not an injured employee can be terminated for filing a workers’ compensation claim. Our lawyers explain that the answer to that question can be complicated.

Indiana is an “at-will” employment state. That means an employer can hire, fire, promote, or suspend workers for almost any reason—as long as the reason is not discriminatory in nature. But according to the Indiana Workers’ Compensation Board, an employee is entitled to Temporary Total Disability payments if he or she is fired because an injury prevents him or her from performing their job duties.

Knowing your rights as a worker is important, and the best way to protect your rights after a work-related injury is to speak with an Indiana personal injury attorney. The 24/7 legal staff at Stewart & Stewart Attorneys is ready to provide you with the assistance you need today—just dial 1 (800) 33-33-LAW.


Social Security Disability Lawyers Examine Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)

June 03, 2015

Millions of Americans depend on Social Security Disability benefits to make ends meet. Many of these individuals were awarded benefits years—or even decades—ago. As prices increase every year due to inflation, you may be wondering how those who receive Social Security Disability benefits can still afford to live.

The Social Security Disability lawyers at Stewart & Stewart Attorneys explain that the answer lies in our nation’s Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) program. The COLA for Social Security Disability recipients is determined annually with an equation that takes rates of inflation on certain items and services—called the Consumer Price Index— into consideration. When inflation rates are high, Social Security Disability recipients get an increase in payments. When the rate is low though, an increase may not be awarded.

According to Time, this may be the case in 2016, as many of the costs considered for the COLA are lower than last year. So what does this mean to those considering applying for Social Security Disability benefits? It means it’s never been more important to get the maximum amount of compensation you can.

The Indiana personal injury lawyers at Stewart & Stewart Attorneys are standing by to answer any questions you may have about Social Security Disability benefits.