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4 Reasons You Should Not Accept Your First Offer From an Insurance Company

Jan 29, 2021 | Slip and Fall, Brain Injury, Personal Injury


It is natural to take your health for granted when you are feeling well. Then when you are sick or injured, you immediately realize how your life can get flipped upside down.

Personal injuries from slip and fall accidents or auto accidents may lead to surgery and expensive medical treatment. Furthermore, you may not be able to work and earn the traditional income you rely on to take care of your family. Lastly, you also must consider the emotional damage in relation to stress, worry, and anxiety.

The costs of being a victim of an accident are incredibly high. For this reason, many victims of personal injury claims find it tempting to accept the first offer sent from an insurance company. However, in just about every situation, experts advise you against taking the first offer from an insurance company.

Here are four reasons you should NOT accept your first offer from an insurance company following a personal injury claim:

1. The first offer is too low… 

Insurance companies have a financial incentive to close personal injury claims as soon as possible. Insurance providers are in business to make money, which is why adjusters attempt to calculate a settlement that still allows them to profit or break even.

Consequently, the first offer from an insurance company for a personal injury claim is almost always way too low.

Insurance providers know that victims need money urgently and expect many to take the first offer thrown their way. However, taking the first offer likely means that you will receive adequate funds to cover medical bills and missed time from work.

2. Damages are not calculated accurately.

Despite what an insurance adjuster claims, it’s nearly impossible to accurately calculate all the damages in the first few weeks following an injury. For example, symptoms of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) may not develop for weeks or months following the accident.

For this reason, we recommend holding off on accepting the first insurance offer until you have a better understanding of your injuries. Therefore, you should schedule an appointment with a medical professional immediately following the accident, even if you are concerned with how you may afford treatment.

A medical professional can provide an official diagnosis, which is helpful when calculating personal damages. Additionally, the medical professional can get you help or treatment for your injuries to get you back to feeling 100%.

3. Permanent disability is not automatically known.

Victims of more severe types of car accidents and workplace injuries may have to alter their life moving forward. For example, you may have trouble working again in the same industry or struggle with psychological problems like trauma following the accident.

Long-term damage or permanent disability are not usually factored by insurance adjusters on the initial offer. Accordingly, an insurance dispute can arise if the victim needs a settlement that reflects permanent disability or another life-altering condition.

Unfortunately, taking the first offer usually comes before it is determined that the victim may need temporary or permanent disability. Thus, accepting the offer too soon may prevent you from getting additional benefits and compensation further down the road.

4. The settlement looks bigger than reality dictates.

Insurance companies pressure people into quickly accepting an offer that looks enticing. While the settlement amount may seem substantial, medical procedures and treatment quickly add up. Most people are out of touch with the outrageous medical costs that can accumulate and falsely assume the settlement will cover everything.

As a result, you should have a minimum figure in mind before you accept any offer. If you are having trouble reaching a realistic amount, consider speaking with an insurance attorney. Stewart & Stewart has spent years assisting victims of personal injury claims with their settlements.

We can help you calculate a minimum settlement amount that we’ll demand on your behalf through the insurance dispute. Stewart & Stewart has experience and knowledge dealing with insurance companies that can make a substantial difference in terms of the payout amount. Contact us at 1-866-925-3011.

Personal Injury Victims vs. Insurance Companies 

The costs of being the victim of an accident are severe. Victims can lose hundreds or thousands in medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage. The financial strain and emotional stress can make the recovery exceedingly difficult.

Despite your struggles, you should avoid accepting the first offer made by an insurance company following a personal injury claim.


It may be tempting to recover costs for your injuries as soon as possible. However, the initial offer from an insurance company is almost always far too low. Insurance providers realize that victims of accidents usually want to settle quickly to recoup damages.

Unfortunately, this usually means that the insurance provider will lowball the offer to ideally reach a quick settlement. Insurance companies are in business to make money and paying out claims as soon as possible helps with their bottom line, even though they are supposed to be on your side.

Furthermore, most victims of accidents do not realize the full extent of their injuries until months or years following the incident. Therefore, it is difficult to get an accurate assessment of damages you deserve in the first few weeks following an accident.

It is natural and common to get frustrated when interacting with reps from the insurance company. Those with injuries may still be dealing with shock and not thinking clearly. Consequently, hiring an insurance attorney goes a long way in settling the dilemma.

An insurance attorney has experience dealing with insurance providers and the claims process. They can tackle just about any insurance dispute and demand fair compensation for your injuries. Stewart & Stewart wants to represent you. Contact us today for a free consultation to discover all the ways we can help!

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