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Damages Available in Indiana Truck Accident Claims

Aug 23, 2023 | Truck Accident

Indiana Truck Accident Claims

Having a run-in with a semi-truck is every driver’s worst nightmare. Big rigs outweigh cars by several tons, and all it takes is one slip of the wheel to cause a catastrophic accident that leaves you seriously hurt.

And those injuries aren’t the only thing you’ll need to worry about after a truck accident. In addition to your medical bills, you could be left without a paycheck if you’re too hurt to return to work.

If you’re considering a personal injury lawsuit, here’s what to know from an Indiana truck accident attorney.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are those related to monetary losses. They’re also called special damages.

It’s easy to calculate these damages because they have a financial value. Here’s an explanation of the types of economic damages you could seek in a truck accident settlement.

Medical Damages

Semi-trucks are far more dangerous than the average car, which means accidents involving them can result in very serious injuries. You may seek damages for accident-related medical care, including surgery, emergency treatment, follow-up visits, medication, and physical therapy.

Your health insurance company will probably pay for at least some of your care. However, if you choose to sue the trucker or trucking company, expect the insurer to place a lien on your damages. That means you’ll need to reimburse them if you’re awarded damages.

Property Damages

It doesn’t take much for a semi-truck to destroy your car. Even a simple bump from a tractor-trailer is enough to shatter glass and crush steel. Replacing your wrecked car can cost tens of thousands of dollars, so seeking property damages to help cover your losses makes sense.

In a truck accident settlement, you may receive damages to repair your car or replace it with a new one.

Lost Wages

Taking time off work to recover from an accident can be nerve-wracking. Without a hefty savings account to tide you over, you might worry about how you’ll pay the bills until you can return to work.

You could seek damages for the wages you’ve lost while unable to work. If your accident left you too disabled to work again, the judge will factor that into your award.

Noneconomic Damages

Noneconomic damages have no fixed value, which means they can be tricky to quantify. An Indiana truck accident attorney can assign a value to these damages for you.

Noneconomic damages you may seek include:

  • Emotional distress caused by the accident, such as depression, anxiety, and nightmares
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Lowered quality of life
  • Loss of consortium (for example, you’re unable to provide your loved one with the same level of companionship as you could before the accident)

Could the Court Award You Punitive Damages?

Courts may order the trucker or trucking company to pay punitive damages in certain cases. The court will only order these damages if the defendant intentionally or maliciously injured you.

For instance, if the truck driver ran you off the highway in a fit of road rage, it’s possible a judge would award you punitive damages.

Indiana has punitive damage caps. Courts can only award you $50,000 or three times the amount of compensatory damages, whichever is higher.

Contact Stewart & Stewart Attorneys for Help With Your Truck Accident Claim

If you’re considering filing a lawsuit for your truck accident in Carmel, it’s wise to call Carmel truck accident lawyers immediately. Our state gives you just two years to make a claim. Should you miss the deadline, the law bars you from seeking any damages.

For a free consultation on your case, call Stewart & Stewart Attorneys at (800) 333-3529.

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