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Indiana Parents, State Reach Settlement in Fatal Car Accident

Oct 5, 2011 | Auto Accident


October 5, 2011

The parents of two Indiana teens who were killed in a 2007 car crash in Southern Indiana have reach a settlement with the state of Indiana.

The settlement came unexpectedly—in the middle of a jury trial and with witnesses still yet to take the stand—when the state approached the families of the two male victims with an offer.

The offer includes changes to the intersection of Indiana 356 and US 31 in Scott County. WAVE3 reports that all along the families of the victims have blamed the crash on the confusing intersection and not the driver who struck the car the teens were traveling in.

“Nothing will bring back our children, however the families and INDOT have reached a mutual agreement to benefit the community,” said the mother of one of the victims. “INDOT has committed to adding signal flashers on US 31 that comply with the best and most applicable engineering practices.”

The families were also awarded an undisclosed sum. They’ve said that a large chunk of this will go towards a scholarship.

“It’s been exhausting; it’s just been a roller coaster going through all of it,” said another victim’s mother. “This has been a long journey for our families. It’s a relief; we still don’t have [our son] with us but at least something good has come out of it. Definitely a sense of closure and something good coming out of something horrible.”

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Why do you think it took so long for the state of Indiana to make these safety provisions at this dangerous intersection?

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