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Is It Worth Suing After a Car Accident?

Feb 14, 2022 | Auto Accident


Many clients think that once they hire an attorney, that automatically means the attorney will be filing a lawsuit on your behalf. However, car accident settlements can be easier than lawsuits because they tend to resolve quicker and help both sides reach favorable terms.

If you’re wondering whether pursuing damages after a car accident is worth your time and effort, you should first meet with an attorney who can explain what you can expect. Here’s a look at how Stewart & Stewart works hard to resolve your case through negotiations first and only file a lawsuit if we really need to.

The Stewart & Stewart Difference

At Stewart & Stewart, we do our best to resolve client cases through very tough negotiations without litigation. However, there are times when we do need to file suit and we won’t hesitate to do that.

There are times when we need to prepare for trial and take a client’s case to trial and we do that. Early on in meeting with an attorney, injury victims often get concerned that if they hire the attorney, they have to proceed with a lawsuit and that’s a big to-do.

Stewart & Stewart attorneys do this so we can get our client’s case resolved for a maximum payment as quickly as possible. That’s what’s in our clients’ best interests.

One big reason why car accident victims don’t want to go out and file a lawsuit is because of the time involved in filing a suit and the extra energy it takes on top of dealing with healing from injuries. We understand that.

We put the client first and most of the time that means maximizing the result for the client in a minimal amount of time.

When Filing a Lawsuit Is the Best Option

There are times when filing a suit is critically important. That can be because the insurance company isn’t taking your claim seriously or the statute of limitations is approaching.

But in those scenarios, we make sure to explain everything to the client first so that they know what’s happening and why. We always wait for the client to get on board first. We hold our client’s hand and walk them through the process so that it doesn’t feel like a huge task for them to undertake and they understand why we’re doing what we’re doing.

After explaining everything to the client and why we believe a lawsuit is the best next step, we make sure that the client wants us to file a lawsuit. We only do this to ensure you get a fair settlement, and if that means we have to file a suit and aggressively go after it in litigation, that’s what we do.

When to Settle Vs. When to Sue

This question is best answered by your attorney because every case will be different. But ultimately, it comes down to whether the insurance company is offering a fair settlement. If your attorney says that your claim is worth $40,000-$50,000 based on the evidence and your expenses and the insurance company is only willing to offer $20,000, it’s an easy decision to file a lawsuit.

Other times, the settlement amount gets closer to the total value of your case that your attorney has estimated. In that case, it’s up to you to decide if the difference in your expenses versus the settlement amount is acceptable to you.

Call Stewart & Stewart for a Free Consultation Regarding Your Accident

If you want an attorney who will guide you throughout the lawsuit process, the team at Stewart & Stewart never cuts corners. We do what’s best for you and our fee doesn’t change whether we can reach a settlement outside of court or the case requires that we file a lawsuit. For a legal team that focuses on what’s best for you, schedule your free consultation to learn more about Stewart & Stewart.

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