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Legal Strategies After a Hit-and-Run Accident in Carmel, IN

Apr 2, 2024 | Auto Accident, Personal Injury


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Hit-and-run accidents can be incredibly challenging to navigate. Not only are victims often seriously injured, but they must also figure out how to track down the driver who hit them. Should they be unable to do so, they may lose out on desperately needed compensation.

Below, a Carmel personal injury lawyer explains what victims should do to claim injuries after a hit-and-run accident.

What to Do at the Scene of the Accident

Regardless of how the accident happened or how little damage there is to the vehicles involved, all drivers must stop and exchange insurance information. This is the law; however, many drivers ignore what the law says because they don’t want to pay damages. Some flee in a panic without thinking of the consequences.

If the at-fault driver flees, victims can ask witnesses whether they saw the driver’s license plate. Nearby businesses might have video footage of the crash, too. A Carmel, IN, attorney may be able to use this information to find the driver.

Victims should also call the police to report the incident. They should provide the other driver’s license plate number (if available), their contact information, and details about what happened.

How to Recover Damages for Hit-and-Run Accident Claims in Carmel, IN

In a regular accident, victims can file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company or sue them for damages. In a hit-and-run crash, neither is an option.

Victims may be able to seek compensation through their auto insurance’s personal injury protection (PIP). PIP provides medical payment coverage up to a certain amount. 

Uninsured motorist coverage provides yet another path to compensation. In Carmel, IN, all auto insurance policies must have uninsured motorist coverage (unless the policyholder rejects it in writing).

Penalties for Fleeing the Accident Scene

Indiana takes hit-and-run accident claims very seriously. Even if there were no injuries, the at-fault driver may face a fine of up to $1,000 and 180 days in jail.

The law upgrades charges to a felony if the accident involved serious injuries or death. Fleeing the scene of an accident involving serious injury is punishable by a fine of up to $10,000 and up to two-and-a-half years in jail. If the accident involved a fatality, the at-fault driver may go to jail for up to 12 years.

Carmel, IN, Firm Seeks Compensation for Hit-and-Run Victims

Knowing where to turn for compensation can be difficult for hit-and-run victims. Lawyers from Stewart & Stewart Attorneys can help victims track down runaway drivers and seek compensation for their damages. Victims do not pay unless the firm wins their case.

For a free consultation regarding hit-and-run accident claims in Carmel, IN, victims should call (800) 333-3529.

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