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My Tire Was Defective—Can I Sue the Tire Maker?

Dec 30, 2020 | Auto Accident


Tires are one of the most critical working components of an automobile after the engine. They keep your vehicle on the road and help supply traction when you navigate through rain or snow.

Unfortunately, a defective car tire is a more serious problem than many motorists realize. Most drivers take tires for granted every time they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Some fail to make sure their tires are properly inflated and do not have any problems. But damaged or worn tires often result in an accident.

Auto experts recommend that motorists replace their tires every six years. However, many drivers who follow guidelines must also deal with manufacturing flaws or problems that are outside their control.

Defective car tires are a legitimate problem that could result in serious injury or death. It is important to make sure your tires are sturdy and dependable every time you get into a car. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to provide a safe and reliable set of wheels to the public. 

If you find a tire was defective and contributed to an auto accident, you can pursue damages. These damages can help cover medical expenses, lost time from work, and emotional suffering related to the incident.

What Is a Defective Car Tire?

Everyone needs wheels to operate a vehicle. Motorcycles require at least two, while traditional vehicles have four or more. We tend to take our wheels for granted and not understand their complexity.

Even though tire manufacturers recommend that drivers replace their tires at least every six years, there are often issues with the rubber well before that point in time. Consequently, motorists are lulled into a false sense of security and do not realize that there are manufacturing flaws.

Car tires are produced with rubber that is intertwined with brass wire. The brass wire allows the rubber to adhere to the metal wheel as well as increases the lifespan of the tire. Unfortunately, some tire manufacturers are notorious for building tires and then storing them in a warehouse for extended periods. 

The conditions of a warehouse are not always ideal, especially for a material like rubber that easily attracts and generates heat. Storage conditions in a warehouse may break down the components of a tire because of the surrounding atmosphere. Therefore, the brand-new tires that you believe you just purchased are not in nearly as good of shape as you initially perceived.

By the time many new tires are installed on a car, they have structural defects that are a result of sitting in a warehouse for extended periods of time. Consequently, these worn tires are more susceptible to tread blowouts, even if you just bought them. By the time they are installed on a car, they have structural defects that make them more likely to suffer tread blowouts and other serious safety events that can lead to catastrophic auto accidents.

Auto Accidents Related to Defective Tires 

Your wheels keep you on the road and guarantee traction when you travel through less than optimal conditions. When tire failure occurs, the resulting accident is generally far from pretty. Auto accidents that are related to defective tires produce severe episodes like:

  • Tire blowouts
  • Losing control of the steering wheel
  • Rollovers
  • Poor and unstable acceleration or deceleration
  • Tread separation

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a defective tire is responsible for roughly 8,000 motor vehicle accidents every year. An additional 500 deaths result every year from tire blowouts.

Leading Causes of Tire Defects 

Tire blowouts and other issues are often attributed to defects in the tires. The leading causes of tire defects include:

  • Poor or defective design
  • Inadequate curing process
  • Improper belt wiping
  • Inadequate skim stock
  • Improper belt placement
  • Lack of nylon overlays
  • Faulty split rim wheel assemblies

You can detect tire tread separation by testing out the wheels in a variety of situations. For example, one of the most common signs of tire tread separation is a vehicle that begins to shake at a certain speed (generally between 10-40 mph).

Additionally, you can inspect your tires for flaws in their design. The first visual indication is a bubble along the tread or sidewall of the tire. If the bubble continues to expand into a larger section, it starts to separate from the casing of the wheel.

Another sign of a tire problem is a wavy pattern in the tread. This is an issue because the tire tread should always be straight and remain parallel with the rest of the wheel. Misaligned patterns are another indication of tread separation.

Once you notice any indication of a tire defect, you should get the problem looked at immediately by a professional service. Replacing car tires is the best way to avoid a serious accident in the future. 

Defective Car Tire Cause Your Accident? Contact Stewart & Stewart Today

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration publishes tire recall information that you should keep an eye on. Stewart & Stewart can help defend you in the event of an auto accident that leads to injuries because of a defective tire.

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