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Negligent Training Lawsuits in Carmel, IN: What You Need To Know

Apr 22, 2024 | Employment Law


Sometimes, legal problems arise from the actions of a company employee, such as a factory worker operating equipment in an unsafe manner and causing an injury. However, it may not be the individual employee’s fault; employees are protected under some laws when what seems like employee misconduct is their company’s fault. 

For example, a company might fail to train employees properly, which could result in a negligent training lawsuit. Carmel’s experienced personal injury lawyers at Stewart & Stewart Attorneys can help you through every step of this process. Reach out to our team today.

Negligent Training Lawsuits

Negligent Training Lawsuits in Carmel, IN

Generally, an employee must be able to prove a few things to pursue a negligent training lawsuit against an employer. 

  • The employer knew their employee wasn’t receiving adequate and reasonable training.
  • The employee’s inadequate training directly led to harm or personal injury.
  • The harm the employee suffered was avoidable with adequate training.

Below are a couple of examples of what negligent training can look like. 

Insufficient Training Processes 

Negligent training often results when employers skip training portions to cut down on time or cost. Some employers forgo training altogether. If these failures result in employees not knowing how to safely and appropriately perform their duties, the employer may be found guilty of negligent training during a lawsuit.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has protections in place for workers. If you believe your employer is violating your OSHA worker rights and protections in any way, you can file a complaint with OSHA and pursue legal action against your employer. 

Equipment Failures

Some jobs require handling and operating dangerous equipment. If an employee was not trained to operate equipment safely and their improper handling led to injury, it may be the employer’s fault.

Similarly, the employer is responsible for providing effective safety equipment for employees operating dangerous equipment, training on how to properly wear it, and supervision that ensures all employees follow safety equipment rules. If they fail any or all of these responsibilities, the company will hold liability for any injuries an employee causes while operating equipment.

Below-Standard Processes for the Industry

Some industries have specific standards for workers. For example, the food industry has strict sanitation requirements for all workers. If an employer’s training falls below the industry standard, the company may be at fault. A desire to ramp up production or meet increasing consumer demand is no excuse for improper training and putting other workers in danger.

Poor Training Materials

Companies are responsible for writing and distributing comprehensive employee documents, including handbooks and training manuals. If the materials themselves are inaccurate or insufficient, and an employee is injured or causes harm to someone else by following them, the company may be liable.

Negligent Hiring and Background Checks

Companies have a duty of care to hire and employ people who will not threaten the safety of their fellow employees and any customers they interact with. For example, suppose a company fails to complete a reasonable background check and hires someone with a known history of assault. In that case, the company can be held liable for any damage the employee causes. 

If a company fails to train its hiring managers on completing thorough background checks that ensure the safety of the team and the public, that would be another example of negligent training.

Reach Out to Carmel, IN, Lawyers Today

If you have concerns about your employer’s safety policies and practices, filing a complaint or pursuing legal action can feel intimidating. Whether you are concerned because an employer failed to report your injury or because your injury was due to a lack of proper training, you may be able to pursue legal remedies through a negligent training lawsuit.

An experienced attorney can make this process clear and smooth. Stewart & Stewart Attorneys is a local legal team based in Carmel, IN. Let us provide insights and support backed by our years of experience. Contact our team at (317) 820-2419  today to get answers to all your legal questions, learn more about your rights, and consider the possible steps and timeline moving forward should you decide to pursue compensation.

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