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Will Indiana Workers’ Compensation Cover Back Pain?

Jan 20, 2021 | Workers' Compensation


indiana workers' compensation

The Hoosier State has a great reputation for many things, including a stellar, blue-collar work ethic. Farming and manufacturing have a long tradition within the state of Indiana, along with other types of blue-collar work.

While there is a lot of pride and satisfaction in having a job that pushes you mentally and physically, the workload on the body can come at a cost.

Sadly, many former or current workers in Indiana deal with severe back pain. Chronic back pain results from many different factors, including poor lifting techniques as well as defective equipment or poor working conditions.

There are several different causes of workplace back pain, but the result is the same. Chronic back pain is incredibly uncomfortable, whether it’s dull and achy or sharp and stabbing. For many, the ability to perform work functions or live a normal life is hampered.

For this reason, you may wonder—Do Indiana workers’ compensation benefits cover back pain? It all depends on the source and when the pain began.

Do You Have Back Pain at Work?

Chronic back pain is not just limited to the blue-collar job sector. Any job, even routine office work, can contribute to or worsen back pain. As a result, it is extremely vital that you consider ways to address the issue before it becomes an everyday problem.

Fortunately, more employers are making a point to address workers’ health by creating more awareness as well as introducing morning stretching activities to help alleviate body pain and stiffness. Regardless, it’s crucial that you take personal health into your own hands.

Back injuries are one of the most common work-related injuries. They can also be one of the most serious, resulting in long-term damage and chronic pain. Back pain can result from a single event (like lifting a heavy box) yet also develop over time from chronic misuse. Any type of work that requires repetitive motions, especially bending or lifting, is vulnerable to back injuries.

While Indiana workers’ compensation does provide relief for workers that injure their back on the clock, it does not offer the same reward for those with a pre-existing condition. In some instances, proving that your back was not an issue before the workplace injury occurred may be problematic.

If you are facing any difficulties receiving workers’ compensation and you do not have a pre-existing back condition, you should consult with a legal expert. A workers’ compensation lawyer will fight on your behalf and get you the money you deserve for workplace injuries.

Causes of Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain occurs for several reasons. However, there are steps you can take to avoid establishing a pre-existing condition and prevent any difficulty in receiving workers’ compensation benefits as a result:

  • Lifting or moving too heavy of an object.
  • Repeating the same incorrect lifting/bending motions throughout the day.
  • Putting too much stress on a particular part of the body, contributing to troublesome issues like lower back pain.

It is also important to remind white-collar workers that they are not spared from serious back pain. In fact, inactivity can also contribute to chronic back pain, particularly when you sit with bad posture at a desk chair all day.

Preventing Back Pain at Work

There are preventable measures that can help save your back. Injuring your back at work not only creates immediate obstacles to a full and enjoyable life but could also impact your quality of living decades in the future.

Fortunately, following these practices can help reduce your odds of chronic pain, like lower back pain:

  • Pay attention to your posture when sitting in a chair.
  • Utilize correct lifting techniques.
  • Modify repetitive tasks to avoid long-term damage.

Your employer should have more information on proper lifting techniques. There is also harnessing equipment and other types of devices that can aid your back while lifting at work.

Additionally, those that work office jobs should only use a chair that fits their body and adjust their desks to prevent repetitive, long-term damage. You should also stretch at least every couple of hours to warm up muscles and joints.

As always, the health advice that you should listen to your body is noteworthy when it comes to back issues. When your body aches, it is time for a break or to request another job. Those that continue to put stress on a body showing resistance face a higher likelihood of tweaking something.

Do You Need Workers’ Compensation for a Back Injury?

Indiana workers’ compensation is available to those that get injured on the job. While your employer and the insurance company should work with your injury claim, that is not always the case.

If you are having issues receiving workers’ compensation insurance, contact Stewart and Stewart at 1(800)-33-33-LAW. You can speak to a workers’ compensation lawyer and receive a free consultation.

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