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Workers’ Compensation When Injured While Traveling for Work

Oct 19, 2022 | Workers' Compensation


Injured at work

When you think about workers’ compensation coverage, the most common types of work-related injuries people consider are those that happen in the office, warehouse, or worksite. But workers’ compensation is not constrained to these locations.

Some people do a great deal of travel for their work. For example, salespeople walk in and out of homes, business complexes, stores, or restaurants daily where they are susceptible to a whole host of unusual workplace injuries. But thankfully, workers’ compensation travels with them even when work takes them out of state.

Workers’ compensation coverage is specifically for accidents that take place when an employee is “on the clock” or engaging in work-related responsibilities.

Does Indiana Workers’ Compensation Apply Outside the State?

Employers who operate in Indiana do not need to purchase a separate insurance policy when an employee is traveling for work outside the state. The coverage follows the employee across state borders.

For example, an overnight courier who takes materials from one state to another would be covered throughout their travels when fulfilling their work-related responsibilities.

Or when you send an employee to a conference out of state, your employee is covered while engaging in learning from that conference, though if the conference organizers are negligent in their planning or preparation, the workers’ compensation insurance company might seek reimbursement for expenses from the conference’s insurance policy through a policy known as subrogation.

Why Is My Workers’ Compensation Claim Being Denied?

So if workers’ compensation coverage follows the employee during their work-related travels, why might an employee be facing a claim denial? There are many reasons that the insurance company might deny your claim, including:

  1. The employee failed to seek timely medical treatment or continued treatment with a healthcare provider that was not on the approved list the insurance company provided.
  2. The employee failed to provide notice to their employer within the 30-day window or did not apply for coverage within two years of the accident.
  3. The insurance company is questioning whether you were truly injured or whether your injuries were sustained in the regular course of your work.
  4. You have a pre-existing condition that the insurance company believes is the source of your ailment instead of a work-related accident.

No matter the reason you’re facing a claim denial, you should seek assistance from a skilled workers’ compensation attorney who can review your case and recommend the best next steps to ensure you receive the benefits that your employer has paid for and you are entitled to.

Is It Time to Contact a Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

The best time to contact a workers’ compensation attorney is immediately after suffering a work-related accident. This will set you and your attorney up for the best possible success and reduces the chances that you’ll face a claim denial.

Workers’ compensation is complicated with many regulations and nuances. It’s challenging for employees to learn and understand all that there is to know about workers’ compensation law.

And regretfully, that means most employees face a claim rejection with their first application for benefits. Contacting a skilled workers’ compensation attorney is your best course of action for receiving timely workers’ compensation payments and resolving your claim quickly. Schedule a consultation with Stewart & Stewart now to learn more.

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