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A Defective Car Part Caused My Car Accident—What Can I Do?

Feb 16, 2021 | Auto Accident


A Defective Car Part Caused My Car Accident—What Can I Do? 

Automobiles are incredibly sophisticated machines that take travelers thousands of miles in a day when there is a need. Drivers depend on their vehicles to get to and from work every day, run errands, and make long-distance trips. 

Regardless, we often fail to realize how important it is to have a vehicle with all its working components. Cars are prone to break down from extreme use and require periodic inspections as a result.

Unfortunately, defective car parts have been identified in the past and still are a problem in such a massive industry. While no manufacturer sets out to release an unsafe and dangerous product, the reality is that defective car parts are inevitable.

However, that does not mean that victims of auto accidents should blame their injuries solely on themselves if a defective part contributed to the crash. Faulty parts in car components like tires can lead to severe injuries or death.

Families of deceased victims or those with serious injuries have mounting medical bills to deal with, lose out on wages from work, and suffer emotional damages. The attorneys at Stewart & Stewart have extensive experience with both auto accidents and defective parts cases, and we’ll work to get you the compensation to which you are entitled.


Car Accidents Caused by Mechanical Failure

Automobiles are safer today than ever before in the short history of their design. Auto manufacturers have introduced a series of safety features, including airbags, seat belts, and computers that monitor the performance of the vehicle. Regardless, defective parts continue to be a source of auto accidents.

Mechanical failure in a car or truck can happen for several reasons. Sometimes, drivers fail to take care of their automobile correctly. The neglect leads to mechanical failure that is primarily the fault of the vehicle’s owner.

On the other hand, parts with a defective design are sometimes ignored or not recognized before they are introduced to the market. Car systems can not only be improperly manufactured but also installed incorrectly. After-market additions can also interfere with the intended functions of the vehicle.

Regardless of the reason, many manufacturing defects are outside your control. If an issue leads to a severe injury or death, you have the right to pursue legal damages for mechanical failure.


Legal Action for Defective Car Parts

You can take legal action if you’ve been impacted by a defective part for a car. The first and most obvious target to pursue for damages is the automaker. The situation is especially applicable to owners that recently purchased a new vehicle that experiences mechanical failure.

There are situations in which the manufacturer improperly installed a component or inadequately designed an entire system or model of a vehicle. In these circumstances, the victim of a car accident has a legitimate case against the automaker.

Automobile defects like inaccurate computer systems, sudden and unexpected vehicle acceleration, and defective braking systems are a few examples of recent problems that have plagued the auto industry. These problems even occur in new vehicles.

Additionally, drivers of cars with defective parts can take legal action against other parties. For example, a used vehicle that is sold with a warranty from a car lot may have a role in an accident that led to injuries or death.

When the mechanical defect can be traced to a single component, the victim of the car accident has the right to pursue damages from a specific supplier. The same is true of after-market part suppliers that sell defective units that cause accidents. Drivers often upgrade their vehicles with different lights, suspension, or other systems that may impact the performance of the vehicle.

Regardless of the manufacturer, the company is obligated to provide drivers with safe and reliable working components. Consequently, if you are injured in a car crash, you may pursue damages from one or multiple suppliers and manufacturers to improve your odds of a higher payout. 


Defective Product Lawsuits

Automobiles with defective parts fall under the same category of lawsuits as other products that get introduced to the market with design flaws. People have the right to file a claim against manufacturers or suppliers that provide a product with design defects or installation defects. Furthermore, they may sue companies that deliberately mislead consumers or fail to provide adequate warnings about the dangers of the product.

For this reason, you should not automatically blame yourself for an auto accident. In many circumstances, mechanical failure contributed to or was the primary cause of the accident. As a result, you have the right to pursue financial compensation to help cover medical expenses and lost time from work.


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